13 Inning Game Between the Reds and Braves was a Disgrace to Baseball

The ghosts of baseball’s past were rolling in their graves Wednesday after the Reds and Braves game went scoreless until the 13th inning with no one attempting a bunt.

In game 1 of the Wild Card Series, the Reds and Braves were scoreless heading into the 13th inning. Baseball fans, especially those who have played the game for years, weren’t mad no one scored a run. People can appreciate a nice pitching duel. Fans however, were sure as hell pissed at the lack of bunting on display. It was agonizing to watch leadoff hitters continuously get on base to start an inning, and no one try to bunt them over.

The bunt may not be the sexiest play in baseball, but isn’t winning sexy? After 13 innings, please for God’s sake, try something different to score a run. 

It’s simple baseball that wins championships. Doing the little things right, and bunting is one of those things. Get the leadoff man on, bunt them over and you’re a single away from winning the game. It’s not rocket science. 

It was just flat out embarrassing to watch both the Reds and the Braves not even attempt a bunt while continuing to put goose eggs on the scoreboard. 

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In the 9th inning and extras, the leadoff man reached base 5 times. No one attempted a sacrifice bunt even once. Reds catcher Tucker Barnhart attempted a bunt in the top of the 12th, but it was a safety squeeze. Barnhart didn’t lay it down and eventually struck out.

The Reds and Braves game Wednesday broke the record for the longest postseason game without scoring a run. Hmmmm, maybe that would have changed if they just tried the bunt once.

I thought Alex Rodriguez was going to leave the announcer’s booth and teach these guys how to lay one down himself.

This is OCTOBER baseball. The little things matter, and the Reds and Braves’ reluctancy to bunt was a disgrace to baseball. 

Teams may be all about the home run in today’s game, but they need to bring back the sacrifice bunt if they want to win. Especially when they haven’t scored a single run in 13 innings. 

Maybe I’m just old school, but players can, and should, use the bunt. Teams can use it as an effective play in close games. What baseball fans saw on Wednesday was a prime example as to why.

Bring back the bunt 2020!

Should modern teams bunt more?


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