Adam Gase Needs to Change Professions

Adam Gase of the New York Jets, you're fired!

The New York Jets season opener against the Buffalo Bills was concerning. The Jets only lost by 10, but it felt like the Bills ripped them apart. This loss should be on Adam “Crazy Eyes” Gase. 

His team was not prepared for the Bills in week one. They even had all of training camp to get ready. Adam Gase’s employment is organizational malpractice and he should be fired immediately.  

2020 has felt so different from 2019, but the only thing that’s still the same is the Jets’ unproductive offense. Gase is so predictable. 1st and 10 it’s a run up the middle for 1-2 yards, 2nd and 8 is another run up the middle for negative yardage and 3rd and long is a wide receiver screen that goes for 3 yards. 

You can not win games when you are consistently in 3rd and long situations. This team converted 30 percent of it’s 3rd downs last year. They have marginally improved to a 36 percent conversion rate against the Bills. However, I expect this to drop as the season progresses. 

Gase’s offense is the epitome of insanity. He runs the same plays, expecting different results. 

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He has yet to look at the team he has around him and adjust his scheme to fit those players. Good coaches do this; Bill Belichick is a perfect example of this. 

In 2020, Belichick has a more mobile quarterback in Cam Newton. So, he changed his scheme to allow Newton to run more, something former Pats quarterback Tom Brady never quite did. This set up the team for a week 1 win over the Dolphins.

Gase needs to take a page out of Belichick’s playbook and adjust his scheme to fit Sam Darnold. He needs to stop thinking that Darnold is some kind of Peyton Manning clone. Trust me, he’s not. What worked for Manning nearly 10 years ago is not going to work for Darnold or the 2020 NFL. Manning has now screwed the Jets three times with his endorsement of Gase

Darnold, unlike last year, has to take some blame for the loss. He finished with 215 yards, 1 touchdown and 1 interception. But if you take away Jamison Crowder’s big screen play, he finishes the day with 145 yards and one interception. 

Darnold doesn’t have the same excuses he has had the past two years. You would think that the boneheaded mistakes would have already stopped, but nope he is still making those same mistakes. His interception was a horrible display of his decision making. If he didn’t throw the pick, the Jets could have gone 1-0. Granted, he still had to get past Gase’s terrible play calling. 

Adam Gase needs to put his young quarterback in better situations. I don’t know what Gase was doing during quarantine, but it wasn’t coming up with any new ideas. His life as an NFL head coach is connected to Darnold’s play.

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If Gase is the “QB Guru,” Darnold should be farther along in his development. Yet it looks as though he has regressed. 

If he wants to save his job, he needs to come out with a new game plan against the 49ers. The Niners are a little beat up, especially with all-pro corner Richard Sherman on IR.  

Yes it is week 1, and this might be an overreaction, but Gase needs to push this team in the right direction. If the Jets look the same in week 5, expect Gase to be on the chopping block. 



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