AEW gets Ready for Revolution

Paul Wight made his highly anticipated debut on “Dynamite” this week. Not only was he ecstatic to be on the show, he also had some very exciting news for us all. I figured he would be announcing that he was going to wrestle in the upcoming Revolution pay-per-view. Although he won’t be, we can’t be too far away from his AEW in ring debut. Wight did reveal however, that a new “hall of fame worthy talent” would be joining AEW. He will debut at Revolution this Sunday. Social media has been in a frenzy trying to guess which star will be joining the company. 

Rumors started circulating immediately. Fans are guessing; Kurt Angle, Lita, RVD, CM Punk, Bubba Ray Dudley and even Brock Lesnar’s name has been thrown into the mix. I truly cannot explain how excited I am for Revolution and the surprises continue to pile up. Whoever it will be I am sure will be able to bring something special to the company. They can elevate the platform even higher.

The opening match of the night saw the in-ring debut of the modern giant, Shaquille O’ Neal. With this being the first match, I was skeptical that they knew it wouldn’t perform up to standard. This couldn’t have been farther from the truth as Shaq absolutely killed it. He nailed a powerbomb on Cody Rhodes to perfection and seemed to be really into the performance. Jade Cargill also made her debut for the tag team match. She took on Red Velvet as the match did not allow intergender conflict. 

Cargill had been training endlessly for this opportunity and did not disappoint either. With her hard strikes and impressive submission game, Red Velvet had a hard time keeping up but still performed admirably. It’s important to remember that Velvet has won 11 of her last 12 matches. She is the number two contender for the women’s title, which goes to show how dominant Cargill can be.

Shaq put on an absolute clinic keeping up with Cody’s ability even in the most tense moments of the match. At one point Cody pulled Cargill off Velvet preventing a loss for The Nightmare Family. O’ Neal didn’t like that very much and swung at Cody but he had him scouted. As Rhodes hit the ropes with Shaq standing on the outside apron, Cody took a hell of a chance with a high cross body over the ropes and onto Shaq putting him through not one, but two tables that Cargill had set up earlier in the match! Shaquille truly took one for the team and AEW. That was one of the most exciting spots seen in quite awhile. 

With Cody and Shaq taken out of the competition now, Cargill reached deep into her bag of tricks. She pulled out The Widow’s Peak from former WWE superstar Victoria. Not only is this a devastating move, but Jade pulled it off with perfection putting Velvet away for the victory. You can be assured that this rivalry is nowhere near over.

After the week-long wait, we finally got an explanation for Jericho and MJF’s heinous attack on the Young Bucks’ father. The Bucks held a press conference, very similar to the one between Orange Cassidy and Y2J last year. 

There were a few surprise guest visitors who were tasked with asking hard-hitting questions to two of the most deliberately ignorant guys on the roster. To accomplish this, AEW brought in legendary Podcast host Conrad Thompson and industry icon Eric Bischoff. Their questions set the tag-team on edge which would eventually lead to all hell breaking loose. 

The Bucks, of course, interrupted the broadcast. The two joined the challengers for their titles at Revolution front and center in the ring. They went on about how their dad is the greatest ever and how he built them a wrestling ring in their backyard, etc. All this was a ruse to distract Jericho and MJF. The Bucks followed up with a couple of super kicks that they’ll be feeling till next week. This wasn’t all they had in store though. Nick Jackson began to climb the entranceway while Cutler and Matt held down Ortiz for a powerful splash bomb. Tensions couldn’t be higher going into Revolution. We will find out if Jericho and MJF can truly hang with arguably the best tag team in the world today.

Four Horsemen member Tully Blanchard made his return to the ring after more than 30 years to take on Jurassic Express with FTR. Tully referenced the Four Horsemen’s nostalgic run, bringing out the old NWA tag titles and even had the Horsemen’s former manager J.J. Dillon accompany them to the ring. This felt like a true callback to the “Territory Days” that inspired some of the greatest moments in wrestling history.

 The feud between Jurrasic Express and FTR started with Jungle Boy making Dax submit on live television a few weeks back. FTR doesn’t like to lose, let alone suffer any embarrassment so naturally this didn’t go over well. They had a devious plan up their sleeves planting a camera man with an awfully familiar feel to him. It turned out Blanchard’s other client Shawn Spears was the “plant” as FTR never had any intention of losing. 

Spears interfered and hit Luchasaurus with a camera. Blanchard covered the big man for the win. Talk about embarrassment as a 67 year old man pinned him. FTR continues to cheat in order to win, and while feeling defeated, you can bet Jurassic Express is plotting their revenge, waiting for the right moment to strike.

Ricky Starks, who Sting took to school last week, called out the icon to get a few things off his chest. He admitted Sting’s still got it and is a viable threat. He followed this up with a slap to the face which only angered The Scorpion further. In retrospect, probably not the best idea Starks. 

This gave Stinger the chance to show the world that he’s still the competitor we all know and love. He hit Starks with the Scorpion Death Drop and Taz’s son Hook attempted a sleep hold from behind setting Cage up so he could deliver another powerbomb to the face-painted deviant. 

Darby Allin rushed to the ring sensing Sting might be in trouble and with the street fight just around the corner, he wasn’t taking any chances. Allin and Sting were able to hold off the rabid hyenas for another week but it will be anything goes come this Sunday.

Dark Order’s Number 10 battled it out with Acclaimed member Max Caster for the second to last spot in the ‘Face of the Revolution’ ladder match taking place at Revolution. I had a nasty feeling right from the start that Caster was going to take the spot even though Dark Order desperately deserves to be in the ladder match showcase. 

Unfortunately my instinct was right. Matt Hardy followed through on his promise to make the Dark Order members’ lives a living hell. Hybrid II member Jack Evans interfered after he accepted a money offer from Hardy. He used Caster’s boom box to deliver a nasty headshot, effectively knocking No. 10 out. As Caster joins the other elite performers in the match, Tony Khan will announce who will fill the last remaining spot this Sunday during the pay-per-view. 

The main event played host to the next chapter in the “Hangman” Adam Page and “Big Money” Matt Hardy. Page found himself teamed up with his buddy Johnny Silver. The two make a hell of a pair and always have fantastic matches together. Hardy elected to have his client Marc Quen join him to take on the unlikely duo.

With their money match stipulation in full effect come this Sunday, Hardy wasn’t taking any chances by letting Page walk out of the arena on his own. Up to his usual antics, Hardy was looking for an easy way out and found it in a microphone that he used to bludgeon the head of Adam Page for a DQ. Dark Order would have none of that nonsense as it turned into an all out gang war between the two factions. 

Pandemonium broke loose at the close of the show with Dark Order driving Hardy and his goons back. With no clear indication of who will be victorious and take the others first quarter earnings, Page must do all he can as losing is not an option for our beloved cowboy.

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