Antonio Brown was Wrong About Josh Allen

Josh Allen
Josh Allen throwing the ball back in 2018. PHOTO CREDIT: Erik Drost//Flickr

After watching the Buffalo Bills’ routing of the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night, I couldn’t help myself but shake my head at how wrong I was about their young signal caller. Coming out of college, Josh Allen might’ve been the most polarizing quarterback in the draft. That’s pretty wild considering Lamar Jackson was in the same 2018 draft class. 

Although Allen’s elite arm talent and intangibles had him rise up the QB board, his lack of mechanics and noticeably horrible completion percentage had the rest of us scratching our heads. Why would a raw prospect like that could even sniff the top 10?  

Maybe we all should’ve listened to Mel Kiper Jr. instead of the obviously “uninformed” draft scouts. I recommend watching the above video, as it looks like Kiper’s head might explode when defending Allen’s honor.

Although it seems that most of us failed to see what the Bills saw in Allen, there is clearly one person that should be kicking themselves the hardest. 

That person is none other than the non-problematic Antonio Brown. 

Although it was short lived, Brown was once a member of the Buffalo Bills. It was one of the most interesting trades in recent memory. The trade seemingly happened when all of us were asleep. 

It felt as if the Steelers were trying to punish him for his wrong doings. They banished him to the great abyss known as Buffalo, New York. When Brown caught word of the trade, he straight up refused. By the time everyone woke up the next morning, the trade fell through, leaving us all in confusion. 

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Since that point in time, the trajectory of Brown’s career along with the Bills’ organization completely took a 180. 

Brown successfully messed up his career so badly that he’s now just Tom Brady’s glorified secondary butt-buddy. The Bills, however, have built a legitimate contender and have one of the most promising young quarterbacks in the league. 

Although Brown might be too busy farting on his doctors and staying away from white women, I find it hard to believe that he’s not watching Stefon Diggs dominate in Buffalo and wondering what could’ve been if he wasn’t such an idiot.  

Allen’s elite patience and arm talent would be the perfect compliment to one of the best route runners the game has ever seen. And if you haven’t noticed, when Allen likes you, he’s going to feed you the rock. Diggs currently leads the league in receptions, and is on pace to break literally every Buffalo receiving record one could think of. For a selfish diva like Brown, this could’ve been a match made in heaven.

Like the rest of us, Brown didn’t see the elite potential in Josh Allen. As average fans, we can just simply admit we were wrong and just enjoy the prowess of a young Josh Allen for years to come. But, Brown will have to live with a decision that will surely haunt him for the rest of his life. 

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