Bill Cowher Should be the Jets’ Next Head Coach

Bill Cowher
Bill Cowher in 2006, coaching the Pittsburgh Steelers. PHOTO CREDIT: SteelCityHobbies//Flickr

The New York Jets are certainly going to be looking for a new head coach soon. Adam “Can’t Coach” Gase is not the answer Chris Johnson was looking for. The Jets will be in tough competition to land a top head coaching candidate. Currently, three teams are definitely looking for a new head coach: the Falcons, Lions and Texans. That number could skyrocket to 11 if the Jets, Chargers, Eagles, Bengals, Jags, Broncos, Bears and Cowboys decide they’ve had enough of their lame duck coaches. But the Jets could hire Bill Cowher.

The Jets aren’t the most attractive job so the Bill Cowher news was actually surprising. A Hall of Fame coach willing to put his reputation on the line for the New York Jets is nothing to scoff at. It’s crazy, but low key the Jets job is attractive.

Cowher probably won’t attracted to the job if the Jets don’t secure the chance to draft Trevor Lawrence with the first overall pick. I wouldn’t blame him. Who would want the impossible task of trying to fix Sam “Dumbass Throws” Darnold? Trevor Lawrence, a buttload of cap space and Cowher could turn this winless team into a sneaky playoff team.  

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Hiring Cowher is an interesting prospect, but only if it’s done right. He would be the CEO-type of head coach the Jets desperately need. Enough with these head coaches that can only coach one side of the ball. This team needs to have a guy involved in all aspects of the game. If not, they will be right back in the same spot they find themselves in right now.

The Jets shouldn’t be looking for a Jon Gruden-type deal, but a short term deal that helps the team transform from the laughing stock of the league to a respectable contender. If Cowher could potentially get this team a Super Bowl win while also grooming a successor, that would be the ideal move. Cowher isn’t coming out of retirement unless he has a good shot at another championship. Giving him that opportunity is a must. He is only 63 too. It’s all good if he stays longer than we expect as long as he’s winning games. No Jets fan will be calling for his head if they see a winning product on the field. 

The most important part of this hire is who replaces him after his run with the Jets. If they have no succession plan then this experiment could blow up in their face. The Jets’ decade of success from the late 90s to their back to back AFC championships came from Bill Parcells’s hands being all over the organization.

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Parcells made the team a desirable destination, not what it has become as of late. If his plan had been executed right, Bill Belichick would have been the head coach after his second retirement. But things obviously didn’t go according to plan. The Jets weren’t totally screwed as they had good head coaches during that time, but Belichick would have gotten them a Super Bowl win or six. That’s something they haven’t had since Joe Namath sold his soul to the devil.

Cower could try and do the same thing, strengthening his legacy as one of the greatest coaches of all time. At the same time, he’d set the franchise up for success for a decade plus.

The only concern with hiring Cowher is the fact that he hasn’t coached in 14 years. Is fourteen years too long? Or will he be able to adjust to the modern NFL? If he is able to secure a young and innovative offensive coordinator, the adjustment should be minimal. Clemson offensive coordinator Tony Elliott would be the perfect hire. Lawrence would already be comfortable in the system and would make a smooth transition from college to the pros. This will be essential for the development of Lawrence. The Jets never hired staff Darnold was comfortable with and that ultimately hurt him.

Even if the report is bullshit, Jets fans should still be excited. It shows just how attractive the Jets job is if they land Lawrence. Things are looking bright for the Jets fans, just stay patient and root for the team to go 0-16.



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