Bills Mafia is the Sickest Fandom Out There

I’ll accept your bandwagon fandom and hysteria but the truth is, I’m not sure I want it. I have something better. Bills Mafia is a diehard group of drunks who love nothing in life more than breaking tables in support of the Buffalo Bills. We have slogged through thick and thin. 

Since losing four straight Super Bowls, things have been pretty dismal in Orchard Park. The Bills ruined any chance J.P. Losman, E.J. Manuel and Cardale Jones ever had to succeed. 

We hoped and prayed for mediocrity for years, and we simply do not know how to accept success.

Josh Allen and Sean McDermott have shown that the Bills have hope as a franchise. The defense has stepped up in a big way. Its shown the Bills are not to be trifled with.

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Stefon Diggs is a legitimate WR1 threat who came to Buffalo in a whole different situation than previous star receivers in the past. Rather than signing a free agent to a one-year deal as a glorified PR stunt, like they did with Terrell Owens, Diggs came in a trade. He’s locked and loaded for four years of contribution.

Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills, mostly because they’ve had to circle up and lick our wounds so often and for so many years. They’re like an abused shelter puppy who takes months or years to get used to a loving family. They wince at an outstretched hand and don’t know how to accept praise. 

The team has been so bad for so long and has shown that it can’t pull off a whole season of success, let alone a single game. But, this season it’s been all wins. Granted, those wins haven’t come without moments of panic. Even the Jets and the Raiders closed the gap on Buffalo before the clock struck zero.

Bills Mafia is many things, but we are always wary and waiting for the other shoe to drop. So please hold your “the Bills are Super Bowl contenders,” and “Josh Allen will be next Tom Brady,” takes. 

We will rejoice with you and cheer loudly, but in the back of our minds, we’ll always be skeptical. Until we secure that elusive playoff win,  we will find it hard to believe that our team is actually all it’s cracked up to be. 

Call us crazy, but being a Bills fan comes with a unique type of sickness. So give us some grace if we don’t seem as over the top when you get to know us. Understand that, while it may be rainbow and sunshine on the field, in our heads we’re looking for the black cloud that is to come. 

We’re a fucked up bunch of people, but I wouldn’t have us any other way.

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