Ji Man Choi of the Rays

The Rays Have Never Been More Popular Than Right Now

Who would have thought a sports city that signed Tom Brady would be most excited about its baseball team. Judging by the crowds the Rays got at Tropicana Field when fans were...

13 Inning Game Between the Reds and Braves was a Disgrace to Baseball

The ghosts of baseball’s past were rolling in their graves Wednesday after the Reds and Braves game went scoreless until the 13th inning with no one attempting a bunt.
Eddie Rosario of the Minnesota Twins

Check on Your Local Twins Fan

18. That’s how many consecutive games the Twins have lost in the playoffs. 18. IN THE PLAYOFFS! From Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau to present day’s Jorge Polanco...
Clayton Kershaw of the Dodgers during a pitch in 2016

MLB Playoff Preview: It’s Finally the Dodgers’ Year

October playoff baseball is here, and it's honestly a miracle that we even got to this point. Greedy owners and players almost never let the season get off the ground, and coronavirus...
Giancarlo Stanton of the New York Yankees

The Yankees are Back

The Yankees had a rough few weeks, but boy-oh-boy does it feel good to be back.  All hope looked lost after a horrendous 20 game skid where they went...
Trent Grisham in San Antonio. He hit a home run in his 99th game in Major League Baseball

When Did Baseball Get Soft?

Is this not the major leagues? Are players not supposed to celebrate after hitting potentially the biggest home run of their careers? Baseball has it’s unwritten rules, many of...
Dellin Betances at the pitcher's mound for the New York Mets. The Wilpons just sold the team to Steve Cohen.

The Wilpons Are Finally Gone

The Wilpons bought the Mets in 2002 and they have essentially been a dumpster fire ever since. There have been three solid years where the Mets made it deep into the playoffs,...
The Mets lost to the Braves in July in extra innings at Citi Field.

The Extra Innings Rule is Trash

If you didn’t already know, the MLB's new extra innings rule is bullshit. Teams will now start with an automatic base runner on second during each additional inning.  Theoretically...

The Yankees are a Nightmare

To put it bluntly: the Yankees have been killing me these past few weeks.  First, it was the injuries. Stanton started the season with a hot bat and then...

Brodie isn’t the Mets’ brodie

Are you a fan of a sports franchise. Do you feel like you’re at an AA meeting every time you tell someone? If so, I can relate to that.