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Freaks and Cheeks: Week Ten of Your Fantasy Picks

It looks as if the Hebrew Hammer and Ezzus are both officially fantasy experts worth listening to. Both have hit their mid-season stride and left their marks on week 9 with 2-1...
Rams head coach Sean McVay

For McVay’s Rams, Less is More

After nearly starting the table purge in Buffalo on Sunday, one thing is for certain: the Rams are for real.  Many people, including myself, were caught off guard when...

Sam Darnold Has No More Excuses

Jets fans were told the team is going to suck and that they were going to get the first overall pick back in 2017. Most early draft boards had Sam Darnold as the best quarterback coming out of college, Mel Kiper was no exception. Analysts were talking about his arm strength, mentality, ability to move around in the pocket and having the potential to go number 1 overall.
Ezzus Golden Ticket NFL picks Week 7

Ezzus’s Golden Ticket NFL Picks: Week 7

Remember what I said last week about “all my tickets will always be golden, Ponyboy?” Well that was a total lie. I fall under .500 yet again and now have a 9-10...

Brodie isn’t the Mets’ brodie

Are you a fan of a sports franchise. Do you feel like you’re at an AA meeting every time you tell someone? If so, I can relate to that.

Jalen Hurts Isn’t Starting This Year

Philadelphia Eagles fans know there are Carson Wentz lovers and Wentz haters. The Wentz lovers live and die by Carson Wentz’s starter role. Wentz haters discredit everything he does and are always...
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Freaks and Cheeks: Week 11 of Your Fantasy Picks

Yet again, Alan and I have the same record from the previous week of our fantasy picks. Except this time, we were both trash. With a combined record of 2-4, we have...
Buffalo Bills

Jets And Giants Fans Should Be Bills Fans

On Thursday night, I sunk into my couch to repeat a ritual of self loathing I keep coming back to for no good reason: watching the New York Jets play football. 

The National Anthem Should Not Be Televised

This month marks four years since Colin Kaepernick decided to sit out the national anthem in protest of police brutality and the unequal treatment of people of color in the United States. The protests quickly turned Kaepernick into a symbol: a villain to some and a hero for others.
Patrick Peterson and Josh Norman

Patrick Peterson is D.K. Metcalf’s Kryptonite

Sunday night’s game between Arizona and Seattle sure didn’t disappoint. It was an all-out war between offensive juggernauts and two of the most entertaining quarterbacks in the game. Offensive warfare accounted for...