Check on Your Local Twins Fan

Eddie Rosario of the Minnesota Twins
Eddie Rosario of the Minnesota Twins. The team has lost 18 postseason games in a row. PHOTO CREDIT: Ian D'Andrea//Flickr

18. That’s how many consecutive games the Twins have lost in the playoffs. 18. IN THE PLAYOFFS!

From Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau to present day’s Jorge Polanco and Eddie Rosario, these are “quality” teams that simply can’t get it done in the playoffs. The Twins already had the record of consecutive playoff L’s coming into this postseason, but now it’s actually getting embarrassing for the franchise.

After the MLB expanded the playoffs, this was going to be the Twins’ year. The Twinkies played the 29-31 Houston Astros in the first round. America was counting on the Twins to take out the ‘Stros, and they failed us and their fans, once again. 

What’s worse, not making the playoffs, or getting there with so much hope each year just for teams to sweep you? This is now 6 straight seasons where the Twins have made the playoffs, but have failed to win a single game in the postseason.

Someone’s cursed the franchise at this point. There’s no other logical explanation otherwise. It’s not like these are the same players each year that don’t have the clutch gene. That Minnesota jersey has some bad energy. 

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I would say it will get better, but it probably won’t. Their division is improving with the rise of the Chicago White Sox, and who knows if they will even be back in the postseason next year. They only won their division by a single game, and next year the playoffs go back to their original format. 

Maybe the Twins can break the streak next year, but they better do it soon because it is already tied for the 16th longest losing streak in MLB history. Remember these are good teams losing a combined 18 in a row for the same franchise. 

For fans, when is it enough? Will fans even tune in next time the Twins are playing in October? Honestly, this is like getting voted off “Survivor” first, six seasons in a row. Would your family keep tuning in after the sixth time? Maybe, but it would only be for the laughs at that point.

For reference, the last time the Twins won a playoff game was October 5th, 2004. Thanks to Johan Santana’s seven scoreless innings, the Minnesota Twins defeated the New York Yankees 2-0 in the first game of the ALDS. The Yankees would win three straight against Minnesota to advance to the ALCS that year, where they blew a 3-0 lead to the Red Sox. HAHAHAHAHA!

If you know of any Twins fans, if there are any left, make sure you check on them. 

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