Chris Paul isn’t the Answer for the Knicks

Chris Paul during a practice in the 2012 Olympics
Chris Paul at practice for the 2012 Olympics on July 14, 2012. PHOTO CREDIT: Tim Shelby//Flickr

The New York Knicks have been unsuccessfully tanking ever since they traded Melo to the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2017. Three years later, where do they find themselves? Wanting Chris Paul.

They have an abundance of sub par guards and front court players. Just to break down the roster for you, they have 10 total guards, 4 front court players and 2 true wings. Yet, they still want Chris Paul.

In a league where dominant wing play is a must to win championships, it’s puzzling to see so few wing players on this team. Yet they still might chase Chris Paul.

The Knicks played Reggie Bullock and R.J. Barrett at the 3 to supplement this. But, they need a solid small forward because albino Kevin Knox is not the answer. That’s why I was surprised when I saw a report that the Knicks have a deal in place for 35-year-old Chris Paul.

The trade would make no sense. This team is clearly not ready to compete and Paul doesn’t bring this team to the playoffs. 

Let’s be clear I think Paul is an all-time great, but for him to come in and win meaningless games for a tanking team is dumb. Giving away Knox, even though he’s not the answer, severely hurts your wing depth. 

If bringing in Carmelo Anthony is the solution, the Knicks are getting the answer wrong. The team already tried this experiment with little success. There’s no need to use the scientific method for the same experiment, you know the results.

This upcoming season should be all about the young guys. Give them playing time and see what you have. The Knicks have put together a good developmental staff to work with their young talent.

 Putting this staff together just to trade away young assets makes zero sense. Paul and Anthony don’t need development, they’re past their primes. They won’t win the Knicks the Finals within two years, so you might as well develop your young assets. 

If the Knicks don’t believe the pieces on the roster are in their future plans, they should trade them. But not for an aging star’s huge contract, flip your young assets for slightly older ones.

A trade for Victor Oladipo would be a better target for the Knicks; he is only 28 and very talented when healthy. He’s younger than Paul and can be in the Knicks plans for some time. Oladipo could be a piece for a playoff run in the future, while Paul would most likely be out of the league at that time. 

If the Knicks really want to bring back Melo, they can. But he should step in the same role he had with the Trail Blazers. Do not bring in Melo to be the second option, You’re just setting yourself up for failure. 

You should only chase Melo if you have a second star to pair with Olapio, or a true number one option. The move makes sense if they somehow sign Anthony Davis or Brandon Ingram. If they don’t land either of them, I’d wait it out until next off-season to pair Oladipo with another star. 

Knicks fans have been hearing rumors that Giannis could come to New York City. Teaming him up with Oladipo would make more sense than Melo.

If the Mandela effect is real, and somehow l become the general manager of the Knicks, Paul would not be in the mix. However what I would do is have a deal done with the Pacers before the draft. If LaMelo Ball or Obi Toppin fall to 8, I’m drafting them. If not, trade the pick, Knox and other assets for Oladipo and look to free agency. Unfortunately, I’m not the GM and this probably doesn’t happen. 

The Knicks are at a crossroads this year and the wrong move can hurt this team for years to come. Trading for an aging star’s large contract and signing another one only hurts development and doesn’t make the team competitive. Either trade for Oladipo and sign another star or develop your young players. 

Don’t do this half rebuild/half competing thing. It will get you nowhere. The Knicks won’t make the playoffs and will only hurt their draft position. Make the right move and Make The Knicks Great Again (sorry for using the orange boi’s slogan but it’s low key a great slogan). 



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