The Cowboys need to sign Earl Thomas

It’s weird to say it but Jerry Jones killed it this offseason. He beefed up the defensive line after signing Everson Griffin and Dontarie Poe. He added CeeDee Lamb to 2019’s best offense.  Jones has positioned the Cowboys to be a championship contender this year. But the old man needs to pull off one final big move of the summer and sign the newly released Earl Thomas. Don’t look now Eagles fans, if the Cowboys sign Earl Thomas, they are running away with the division.

It’s no surprise that one of the biggest weaknesses for the Cowboys this year is the safety position. So why not give Thomas a call? A one-year deal won’t hurt their chances of making the Super Bowl, either this year or next. Thomas is nowhere close to washed. Derrick Henry embarrassed him in the playoffs, but he’s not washed.

Thomas is still a good starting safety. Anyone who says otherwise is just a casual who only reads headlines. PFF gave him an overall grade of 76.7. That’s good enough to be the best safety in Dallas.  Ha Ha Clinton-Dix is graded at 74.2 and the opposite starter Xavier Woods graded at 73. PFF also had Thomas as the 8th best safety in coverage with a 84.7 grade. If he becomes too much of a “cancer” just cut him and run with Clinton-Dix and Woods. 

Signing him to a 1-year, $4-5 million deal will guarantee short term impact if he proves to be problematic in the 2020 season. If he’s worth keeping around, then just sign him in the offseason. Thomas will still be a cheap option.

Jerry Jones is no stranger to signing players with spotty backgrounds. Why stop the trend with Thomas? Thomas definitely got bad press for getting caught having a threesome with his brother. But it’s not a reason to not sign the guy, what he does in his free time should be his business. 

Let’s be honest, having a threesome with your brother is a great excuse to build a better relationship. Maybe he can bring that same energy to the locker room. It seemed to help the Phoenix Suns build a closer bond.    

Thomas would make an immediate impact on this defense and that’s why Jerry Jones needs to pull the trigger. What makes Jones so great is he isn’t afraid to take a risk if he thinks it will make the team better. 

Thomas is a great risk to take. it’s football season so you know he’ll be 100 percent focused on the season. Get a dog in that building and make a run. This is the wrong time to become conservative. You could be jeopardizing a Super Bowl if you don’t.  



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