Dominik Mysterio is Lucha’s Future

Rey Mysterio’s (or possibly Eddie Guerrero’s) son Dominik is set to make his WWE debut against Seth Rollins at SummerSlam. For months, the WWE has hyped the younger Mysterio up as a legit competitor. That’s because he is. He’s the future of lucha. 

The Lance Storm-trainee has been around the ring since he was a child. After all, his paternity is still question thanks to that aforementioned Eddie Guerrero “Custody of Dominik” ladder match. Recently, he’s been in the ring against Rollins and helped his father in a losing effort against Brock Lesnar. 

Sunday is going to be very different for the younger Mysterio. His father won’t necessarily be by his side (although I’d put money on Rey making a cameo). And his opponent Seth Rollins won’t hold anything back; it’s a street fight, after all. 

SummerSlam is a major jumping off point. His future success rides on a solid performance. However, from what we’ve seen, he can make that jump. 

So far, Dominik Mysterio has looked great in the ring. His few minutes of offense against Lesnar proved that he’s further along in his development than many believed. And his storytelling during this feud with Seth Rollins has been fantastic. 

Plus, the kid already knows how to go nuts with a kendo stick. 

The name Mysterio carries great weight in the lucha world. Rey Misterio Sr. was an absolute god in Mexico. He’s been a part of at least 25 lucha de apuestas matches. Those matches, which are huge in Mexico, settles a wager between wrestlers — usually the loser losing his/her mask. That’s incredible for luchadors. 

And we haven’t even begun to talk about Dominik’s father. The original’s nephew, Rey Mysterio became a household name in WWE, but was dominating before that. He was a big part of WCW’s cruiserweight scene. Not to mention, he made a splash in ECW for a short period. And we haven’t mentioned his championships in WWE. 

So far, Dominik has the tools to inherit such a huge name. Both lucha legend Konnan and Storm have said the younger Mysterio is a natural in the ring. Famous Woo-off challenger Jay Lethal also got to train Dominik.

The name Mysterio is synonymous with success. Dominik’s going to be compared to legends out of the gate. He’ll have a burden to bear will have to prove that he can at SummerSlam.

Sunday is a big day for Dominik Mysterio. After first appearing in a ring at 8 years old, he’s making his in-ring debut. He’s deep in a redemption storyline against one of Raw’s best heels. Sunday could make or break his career. 

BANNER: Will Beardmore//Flickr

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