“Dynamite” Focuses on Long-term Storytelling

Eddie Kingston, featured on Dynamite
A photo of Eddie Kingston. He was featured on "Dynamite" against Lance Archer. PHOTO CREDIT: Photos N Effect//Flickr

After a less-than-favorable show two weeks ago, AEW came through tremendously. Long-term storytelling was on the top of mind with Lance Archer and Eddie Kingston’s feud coming to a head. Kingston had lost his last couple matches leading up to “Dynamite.” So, it was a surprise when Kingston was able to put Archer away.

The victory did not come without foul play however. Butcher and The Blade dragged out a beaten Jake “The Snake” Roberts onto the entrance ramp. This gave The Bunny just enough of a distraction to hand Eddie a weight. He used it sucker-punch Archer, effectively knocking him out for the 1-2-3. This added a new layer to the storyline. Not only does it push us into this week’s “Dynamite,” but it also puts revenge on the forefront of Archer’s mind.

Mox cut another fantastic promo in which he directly attacked The Elite’s way of life and called them out. I can’t wait for him to team up with Rey Fenix and PAC to take on The Elite this week. Members of each faction have been the victim of blind attacks every week. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top in the matchup. 

While many saw Chris Jericho’s poorly-executed lionsault, he seemed to have a bit more giddy-up in his tag match with MJF. As the The Inner Circle’s official tag team, they took on The Varsity Blondes, whose ring presence seems to improve every week. With the subpar performance the week prior, Jericho had something to prove. He came out ready to compete.

It was a decently paced match with some high-flying spots. Le Champion capitalized on the inexperience of his opponents and hit his Judas Effect to a glorious Lionsault. It felt like his early days in the WWE. This secured the team’s first victory and MJF continues to skirt by barely even competing these days anymore. 

The storyline between Cody, Brandi Rhodes, and Jade and Shaq finally progressed. The former NBA All-Star teased a fight sometime in March. After weeks of torment from Jade, I hope to see Cody get his comeuppance. He should get some heat back as he has been noticeably absent in anything big since losing the TNT Championship to Darby Allin a couple months ago. 

Our distraught cowboy Hangman Adam Page took on newcomer “The Hollywood Hunk” Ryan Nemeth. He also happens to be the younger brother of WWE superstar Dolph Ziggler. With the match going on, we saw Matt Hardy walk out and join Paige’s corner ringside. This was strange until we heard his speech after Page was able to put Nemeth away with his Buckshot Lariat.

Dax Hardwood and Jungle Boy wrestled an unexpected barn burner. This bout had a peculiar stipulation to it; all members of both rival factions (Jurassic Express and FTR) were handcuffed at ringside. With Luchasaurus serving as the weight of the ship, no one was going anywhere.

While we thought the former tag team champion would sweep, Jungle Boy came out with a fire lit in him. This was by far the best match of the show that saw counter after counter, and kick out after kick out. It was exciting from start to finish and believe it or not, Jungle Boy won with his snare trap submission! This immediately raised his credibility in the ranks.

But, the victory wasn’t all sweet. Tully Blanchard and Cash Wheeler attacked Luchasaurus, taking him out of the picture before grabbing the keys from the referee. The three-on-one attack then proceeded to diminish Jungle Boy’s win. He should have escaped thus prolonging the storyline further with a rematch. Perhaps we will still get our rematch as Dax doesn’t take losing lightly. 

Our main event saw The Good Brothers invade “Dynamite” yet another. They teamed up with their Elite team members The Young Bucks. Brodie Lee’s faction of The Dark Order took them on. Dark Order operates as a well-oiled machine. That could be a problem for the inter-promotional faction, as they have not been getting along at all. But the catalyst in all this is Don Callis. He has managed to nearly break up the lifelong friendship between Matt and Nick Jackson and Kenny Omega.

As expected, The Elite beat down on their opposition. That led to the stipulation reveal: if The Bucks win the tag team battle royale this week, they get to handpick their opponents for Revolution. This adds a lot of pressure to the Jackson brothers. This could make or break their pay-per-view title match in a month.

And what would an Elite match be without a Jon Moxley finish, huh? He showed up out of nowhere on “Dynamite,” making short work of The Gallows and Anderson. He ended his night giving Omega a thunderous DDT. Mox is back to take what’s rightfully his. 

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