“Dynamite” Gets Invaded and Bullet Club Reunites?

Good Brothers invaded Dynamite this week
The Good Brothers Karl Anderson (right) and Luke Gallows (left) during a WWE tour. The two invaded "Dynamite" this week. PHOTO CREDIT: Miguel Discart (Shared Account)//Flickr

“Dynamite” started off red-hot this week with more tag team action as the opener. This week featured an 8-man pair up with The Bucks and SCU going head-to-head with The Hybrid II and The Acclaimed. Noticeably, Hybrid II looked like they were moving a bit slower than usual especially when you compare their performance to their first-match at Double or Nothing in 2019. It was great seeing Christopher Daniels fly around and show us why his moonsault “is the best in the world”, inciting intense memories of TNA in the early 2000s.

SCU revealed post-win that should Daniels and Kazarian lose one more match as a tag-team, SCU will disband forever. This was very unexpected and on top of that, SCU officially challenged the Bucks at Revolution in February. All Elite Wrestling puts yet another dream match into fruition to end the show-opener. 

Big, bad Jon Moxley returned this week on “Dynamite”. We haven’t seen him since Kenny Omega and Don Callis cheated him out of the world title. Mox sure does know how to cut a promo, his energy exuded what seemed like legitimate feelings of being screwed out of the title. Instead of complaining, he’s going to have Omega looking over his shoulder every week going forward. A rematch may be in the works for Revolution next month, but only time will tell who Omega will face in the main event.

Quick side note, why is TNT all of a sudden trying to censor out words they’ve had no issue with on “Dynamite” for the past year? Let wrestling be wrestling. Just keep the f-bombs and racial slurs out of their mouth and allow some creative control here. 

Next, we had the highly-anticipated collision of giants between Wardlow and Jake Hager. Hager is a three-time All-American wrestling champion and is still currently undefeated in Bellator. This is a big point to break down as Hager has been mostly-absent from Dynamite the past few months. It’s more than likely to keep on his fight schedule as well as the rigorous training that goes into the preparation for each fight. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Wardlow won the matchup. He’s more of a wrestling superstar. AEW has also featured Wardlow nearly every week.

AEW’s first weigh-in saw the behemoth Brian Cage antagonize Darby Allin for his size and weight (or lack thereof). Sting saw enough back-stage and interrupted the segment to come to Allin’s aide, such as we saw last week. Another really interesting piece is the TNT championship and how little it was shown. Tony Schiavone revealed the title was redesigned as Brodie Lee’s son Negative One is now the sole owner of the original red belt. 

Snoop Doggy Dogg was of course in attendance for “Dynamite” as well and don’t be fooled. Snoop has been a wrestling fan for many years. The fact that he “jumped” to AEW really shows who Snoop feels is the champion of wrestling these days: AEW. The legendary rapper even climbed to the top-rope to deliver “The Snoopy Splash” on Serpentico. A light-hearted but albeit entertaining touch to this week’s show. 

This brings us into the women’s title match with Hikaru Shida taking on Abaddon. She plays an undead zombie-like character who has spent the better part of then last month terrorizing Shida. Abaddon even bit her neck and opened up a ghastly wound. She spent no time reopening the bite during the match, which is all well and fine but there were too many bites. Once it hits a certain point, it just isn’t believable anymore. For a moment, it looked like Shida’s title reign may end. But, Shida thankfully prevailed. We still want to see Britt Baker versus Shida to start off Dr. Britt Baker’s much anticipated first run with the belt, after all. 

The main event brought the show to a whole new level. Fenix and Omega put on an absolute clinic and did not disappoint. High-flying, strong-style, greco-roman lockups: it had all the makings of a classic matchup. Although I do believe Fenix may get a world title run someday, it was still Omega’s time to shine. As he said last week, “we’re just getting started.”

To top the events of last week, Omega called in hired guns The Good Brothers a.k.a. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. They stormed the ring after Omega beat Fenix and proceeded to assault Rey Fenix before The Young Bucks came to save the day….or so we thought.

Instead of a rescue, we got The Bucks joining Omega’s ranks and unofficially reunite The Bullet Club. I say unofficially as New Japan Pro Wrestling actually owns The Bullet Club moniker. So therefore, we will most likely get a newly-named faction.

This is truly industry changing as on a mainstream level we have not seen wrestling promotions collaborate like the way they have recently since Vince McMahon killed the territory days and formed the then-World Wrestling Federation. For many, it is truly an exciting time to be a wrestling fan and we can’t wait to see what the industry has in store for 2021.

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