Empathizing with Le’Veon

Le'Veon Bell of the New York Jets
Le'Veon Bell in 2019 as a member of the New York Jets. He was released Tuesday. PHOTO CREDIT: AlexanderJonesi//Flickr

The Jets set the NFL world on fire late Tuesday night when they let All-Pro running back Le’Veon Bell go. 

And of course, the large number of Bell haters couldn’t resist and slandered him, just as they’ve done over the last three years. 

Le’Veon Bell has seen his stock plummet nearly as fast as his former teammate Antonio Brown. Think about how wild that is — being an undisputed top-two player at your position to the worst franchise in the league cutting you from the roster. 

That’s like being the CEO of a Fortune 500 company and then Kmart firing you in a matter of three years. Life comes at you fast, I guess.

It’s hard not to feel bad for Bell. After all, the downward trajectory of his career wasn’t really his fault. 

The weirdos out there will point towards his infamous holdout in 2018 as the prime reason why he ended up in this situation, and thus claim that he deserves everything that has happened to him because of it. 

But who can blame him? 

He led the league with 406 touches and earned the first-team All-Pro nodd just the season prior. Not only was he elite at his position, but he was also putting some serious tread on his body. As a Steeler, he averaged a whopping 25 touches per game. 

Keep in mind the running back position sees the most injuries every year, and also has the shortest shelf life of all positions in football.

How can any reasonable person blame him for wanting to be compensated for putting 400 touches of tread on his body?

Unfortunately, the Steelers were not willing to commit to him. Le’Veon Bell signed his well-deserved deal with the Alcatraz of the NFL. 

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Little did Bell know, the Jets would turn out to be an absolute dumpster fire. 

Supreme leader and certified clown Adam Gase made sure Bell’s Jets career was over before it even started. 

Gase never wanted Bell to begin with. He wasn’t happy when the team gave that much money to a running back. 

Gase’s discomfort was shown on tape throughout Bell’s short-lived Jets tenure. 

You’d think the Jets would use Bell more in the passing game, especially since they’re incredibly deprived on the offense. After all, it’s not like Bell was basically Pittsburgh’s No. 2 receiver for 5 years or anything.

Gase should have used Bell due to the lack of skilled players. Instead, he proceeded to show us why J-E-T-S Nation is calling for his head

Now that Bell is free, it’ll be interesting to see where he ends up. 

He will have to choose a team that will utilize his three-down back abilities, even if that team is struggling. 

Free agency is loaded with running backs, next off-season. Bell will have to build his stock back up quickly if he’d like another team to commit to him. 

It sure does look like Bell is ready to prove his haters wrong.

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