Ezzus’s Somewhat Of A Golden Ticket NFL Picks: Week 4

Ezzus's Golden ticket NFL picks
Ezzus is back with this week's Golden Ticket NFL picks.

So last week, I only missed a few NFL picks from the all underdog surefire, can’t miss golden ticket. A 2-2 record isn’t bad, but I can do better.

The Bears saved my week after they put “Big Dick” Nick Foles in the game. They ultimately won, however, because the Falcons blew yet another lead. So thank you, Dan Quinn. I don’t know how Quinn still has his job, but Arthur Blank needs to do something ASAP Rocky.

This week, I’m looking to improve on my 5-5 record for my NFL picks. I promise that I’ll be above .500 at the end of the week. The Bovada lines are what we use here at The Challenge. Hopefully, one day they will be a sponsor. I’m easy Bovada, it won’t take much. 

Arizona Cardinals (-3.5) vs Carolina Panthers

The Cards should have easily won their game against the Lions last week. If Kyler Murray doesn’t throw 3 interceptions, they run away with that game. I don’t expect Murray to make those same mistakes this week. He is going up against the 22nd ranked defense and the 24th ranked pass defense. Murray will eat. 

The Panthers are still without Christian McCaffrey; this is obviously a big blow to this offense. Even with CMC, the Panthers really don’t scare me. I think the Cards win this game easily. They will destroy the -3.5 line, I see the Cards winning by more than a touchdown. This is a surefire, can’t miss pick, I promise. 

Indianapolis Colts vs Chicago Bears (+3)

Last week, I told you to hammer home -11.5 for the Colts and they did not disappoint. This wee,k hammer home +3 for the Bears or hammer them to win at +115. Not only will “Big Dick” Nick start, but he will lead this team to a 4-0 start. 

Foles will not have to come back down two scores this week because Mitch Trubisky started for half the game. The Bears defense will take care of Philip Rivers and his noodle arm. I think Rivers throws two interceptions.

All Foles needs to do is put up 21 points, as his defense on average through 3 weeks gives up only 20 points. 

Foles only needing 21 points is a gimme. The guy is a Super Bowl MVP. This is light work for him. Hammer home the +3 or just take the Bears to win, both have great value. 

A bonus pick for my loyal readers take the Pats +7. This is easy money, in my opinion. The Pats are still good and I think 7 points is a little too much for a Bill Belichick-led team.

Jacksonville Jaguars (+140) vs Cincinnati Bengals

The Jags look to bounce back from their Thursday night loss to the Dolphins. However, they kept that game competitive while their top receiver was out. 

D.J. Chark looks to return to the lineup and this is great news for Gardner Minshew. This is big as Minshew will be able to push the ball down the field more this game. They are playing a Bengals pass and rush defense that ranks 31st. I don’t believe Minshew is all that talented, but as a professional quarterback you should find success passing the ball against a bad defense. 

The Bengals are not a very good team. I think the Jags and Saint Doug come out and destroy the Bengals by at least two touchdowns. But, we only need them to win by 1 for this bet to hit.

If you decide to take my golden ticket NFL picks as one big parlay at $20, you’ll be $289 richer. If you do win because of my gifted mind, please don’t hesitate to tell your friends you found the next Jimmy The Greek.



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