Ezzus’s Golden Ticket NFL Picks: Week 2

Ezzus Golden ticket
Ezzus has your golden ticket NFL picks.

First, I would like to start off by saying I am sorry for giving out false information last week. I should have never put the Jets in the can’t miss golden ticket. I must have forgot that Adam Gase is not a competent head coach. And I will not put them on the ticket or bet on them until Gase is fired. I need to, and will, do better for all of you who happen to take my advice on NFL picks.

After week 1, I didn’t do so bad. Finishing 2-1 is a solid showing for the weekend. But, it’s not what I expect. I must go 3-0 or it’s a failed golden ticket. I promise this week the surefire, can’t miss golden ticket NFL pick will live up to its name. As always, we will be using Bovada as our source for lines. 

Minnesota Vikings At Indianapolis Colts (-3) 

Last week, I was right about Aaron Rodgers torching the Vikings secondary. But I don’t think Philip Rivers is going to be torching anyone anytime soon. 

I actually think Kirk Cousins is going to be the one doing the torching this week. Last week against the Packers, Cousins finished the game with 259 yards, 2 touchdowns, 1 interception and completed 76 percent of his passes. His completion percentage is what really got my attention; this Colts defense just let Gardner Minshew complete 19/20 passes for 3 touchdowns. If Minshew can complete 95 percent of his passes, surely Cousins is in for a big day.   

You can take the points of +3 if you want, but the real value is in taking the Vikings to win. At +145, this is a great pick to put in a parlay as the Vikings win this game 35-28. 

New York Giants at Chicago Bears (-5.5)

The Giants came out on Monday Night Football and played well on offense. I was a little surprised they were moving the ball that well against the vaunted Steelers defense. At the end of the year, the Steelers could have the best defense in the league. So them playing well should give you some confidence in the G-Men. The Giants were one bad red zone interception away from potentially winning the game. 

This makes the chances of an upset against the Bears a real possibility. The Bears do have a great defense, but I don’t think it’s as good as the Steelers. I also think the Giants will be more effective on offense. 

The offensive line looked good in pass protection, but the Giants need to improve on the run blocking side of things for a better offensive output. 

They should get more out of the running game this week, as the Bears gave up 138 rushing yards to the Lions. Saquon Barkley had a bad first game, rushing for only 6 yards on 15 attempts. So look for him to bounce back this week. Having Barkley rush for more yards should open up the passing game even more for Daniel Jones. Getting Barkley going early is a key for the Giants if they plan on beating this Bears team. 

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Barkley is poised for a bounce back, and if he returns to normal, I would expect the Giants to win the game. After all, they are playing the Bears and Mitch Trubisky, who’s certified cheeks. I don’t expect Trubisky to light the world on fire this week, or really for the rest of his career. 

To be safe, I’d take the Giants +5.5. You should make some money on the Giants getting slept on. 

Kansas City Chiefs at Los Angeles Chargers (-9)

Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs looked good in the first game of the 2020 season. They beat the Texans by 14 points, and the Chargers are a worse team than the Texans. In week 1, The Chargers could barely beat the Bengals — who had a rookie QB throwing for 0 touchdowns. 

The Chiefs are going to beat the Chargers so bad, Tyrod Taylor may be the backup quarterback in week 3. Taylor simply doesn’t have what it takes to go head-to-head against Mahomes. 

In 2019, the Chiefs played 19 games, and beat the opposing team by 10 or more points in 10 of them. Perhaps even more impressive,is the fact that the Chiefs have won 7 consecutive games by 10 or more points dating back to last season. That also includes a Super Bowl victory. Based on their week 1 performance, The Chargers do not look like a team capable of breaking this run.

I’d take the Chiefs -9 all day, it’s easy money at this point. 

If you decide to take all these can’t miss picks as a $20 parlay, you’re looking to make $162. That should make up for my Jets blunder last week. Obviously, you can take all these bets separately so you don’t get screwed by one team. If you happen to make some money, don’t hesitate to throw some money at my OnlyFans. I currently post feet pics and I’m in the top 0.06 percent of all creatures, you won’t be disappointed. Come back next week for more golden ticket picks.



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