Ezzus’s Golden Ticket NFL Picks: Week 10

Ezzus Golden Ticket NFL Picks

Well, last week wasn’t the week I was expecting. Falling 1-2 on my NFL picks is hot trash and I’m sorry. But, I’m demanding a recount and will ask Rudy Giuliani for his help. 

My record on my NFL picks before the recount is 12-16. But I’m expecting to be 28-0 after the count. 

This week I will be 3-0 and you’ll be rich. As always, we’ll be using Bovada for the lines. 

Houston Texans (+4) vs Cleveland Browns 

The Browns, in my opinion, are certified cheeks. Their 5-3 record is inflated as they only beat up on bad teams. Fun fact alert, the teams the Browns have beaten have a combined record of 14-26. The only notable team they have beaten is the Colts, who also beats up on bad teams. 

This Mayfield-led team won’t be able to compete against the revived Texans. I think the Texans win by a touchdown. Giving them +4 points is a steal, take advantage while you can.

Buffalo Bills vs Arizona Cardinals (-3)

The Bills just came off a huge win against the Seahawks’ trash defense. That won’t happen this week against a decent defense. 

They go from playing the 32nd ranked defense to the 19th ranked D. It’s going to be tougher this go around. 

The Bills’ defense also will have a tough day going up against the top ranked offense. This does not look good for the Bills. 

Remember, the Bills were struggling until the Seahawks game. Did they magically fix their problems or is the Hawks’ defense that bad? I think it’s the latter in this situation. 

I’m still not sold on Josh Allen even though every Bills fan thinks he’s God’s gift to the world. Don’t be fooled by the narrative, the Bills aren’t great and Cards will win by 10. 

Seattle Seahawks vs Los Angeles Rams (-2)

This is an easy one for me. The Rams are going to be throwing all over the Hawks and the defense will stop Russell Wilson. Like I said before, the Seahawks’ defense is hot trash. Jared Goff will have a good game. I can feel it. 

Russ, on the other hand, is going to struggle against the second-best defense. With the line only set at -2, a field goal at the end of the game will do the trick. But I don’t think it will come to that. 

The Rams are sneaky good this year and I think they will make a statement this week. They will be in control all game and will get an easy dub against the struggling Seahawks. 

Let’s say you take this wonderful parlay and drop 20 bills, you’ll walk away with $119. Not a bad day watching football. 



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