Ezzus’s Golden Ticket NFL Picks: Week 11

Golden ticket NFL picks

Last week’s golden ticket NFL picks should have been certified 24k gold. But Kliff Kingsbury’s dumb ass went for two instead of kicking the extra point after DeAndre Hopkin’s insane touchdown in the 4th quarter. 

It absolutely made no sense. With only 2 seconds left in the game, the Bills would need to return the kickoff for a touchdown to win the game. So why go for 2 when you lose either way? It’s just dumb and it ruined my weekend. I’m happy they lost to the Seahawks on Thursday night. 

With the dumb ass mistake from Kingsbury, I ended the week 2-1 with an overall record of 14-17. This week, the golden ticket NFL picks will be golden because Kingsbury can’t mess them up. As always, we will be using Bovada as our line setters.

Atlanta Falcons (+3.5) vs New Orleans Saints 

The Saints made the dumbest mistake in the history of football declaring Taysom Hill the starter. They have a perfectly good quarterback in Jameis Winston, with his 20/20 vision. 

Yes. Hill has shown flashes of decent quarterback play but we have never seen him for a full game. Also, ESPN is totally trash for designated Hill has a tight end and a quarterback. Thanks for breaking the system, Matthew Berry. 

But, not starting Winston will cost the Saints this game. That’s why Atlanta +3.5 is a total lock.

New England Patriots (-2) vs Houston Texans 

Cam Newton is  going to destroy the Texans this week. He’s going to run all over their last-ranked rush defense. If Newton breaks out like a running back, the Pats win this.

The Texans could barely move the ball against the Browns and I don’t see them moving the ball successfully against the Pats. That -2 spread will hit 10 out of 10 times. 

The Texans have been nothing but trash this year. Their only two wins come from the one-win Jags. Not a great look. 

Green Bay Packers (+1.5) vs Indianapolis Colts 

I can’t believe the Colts are the favorite in this game. I understand they are the home team, but damn they are going up against Aaron Rodgers. 

Rodgers has been playing at an elite level after people said he was washed all offseason. He will show us again this week why he is still the best quarterback in the league. 

Rodgers will make the No. 1 defense look like the Seahawks’ defense. The Colts are not as good as their record says they are. They’ll get exposed this week. 

If you decide to take this splendid parlay and drop $20 on these NFL picks, you’re looking at a nice 108 bills. 



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