Ezzus’s Golden Ticket NFL Picks: Week 12

Golden ticket NFL picks

After going 0-3 last week, my title of gambling expert has been revoked until further notice. The Golden Ticket NFL picks were more fraudulent than we’ve ever seen. I’m a disgrace to this great website, very SAD. I will try to be better, but at this point it’s unlikely. Hopefully the board at Bovada will fall in my favor. 

Las Vegas Raiders (-3) vs Atlanta Falcons 

The Falcons are going to be without Todd Gurley and potentially Julio Jones. This does not bode well for them. Losing your top receiver and running back is never good, so I’m taking the Raiders -3. This is essentially set in stone as the Raiders will probably win by a touchdown or more.

The Raiders have been very surprising this year. While they aren’t great, they stay competitive in every game, something that can’t be said about the Falcons. This game should be an easy one, and with a playoff spot on the line the Raiders are more motivated to win this game. 

Miami Dolphins (-7) vs New York Jets 

The New York Jets are a horrible football team with an even worse coach. On the other hand, the once-tanking Dolphins look like a potential division winner.

I think the Dolphins murder the Jets this week. Sam Darnold is back and that means a couple of turnovers and losing by 10 points or more.

Last week, the Jets started 3 rookies in the secondary and we saw Justin Herbert throw for over 300 yards and 3 touchdowns. Tua Tagovailoa or Ryan Fitzmagic should easily put up big numbers this weekend. The Dolphins will win and the tank will be alive for another week. 

New York Giants (-6) vs Cincinnati Bengals 

The Giants get the Bengals on a good week. Joe Burrow’s out, leaving the Bengals to rely on Brandon Allen. This is great news for a Giants team fighting for the division.

New York most likely wins by a touchdown if Burrow played, so the -6 points is a lock in my book. The Bengals o-line is sus at best and will be a major reason the team loses Sunday. Cincinnati will have to play a perfect game in order to have a chance at losing by less than a touchdown.

Zac Taylor seems to have lost the locker room. Will the players even give it their all for a losing season without their franchise QB? I don’t think so. Ride the Giants -6 and you won’t be disappointed. 

I went conservative this week so you and I can get a W on this Thanksgiving weekend. If you throw $20 on these Golden Ticket NFL picks, you’re set up to win $166. You should then use that money and buy sweet merch at shop.thechallenge-sports.com. I suggest getting the “Fuck Dolan” shirt because fuck James Dolan.



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