Ezzus’s Golden Ticket NFL Picks: Week 14

Ezzus Golden Ticket NFL picks

I’m convinced the only reason this series is still going is for the meme. My NFL picks are a disgrace to The Challenge Sports’ wonderful reputation. I have been horrible all season and don’t know how to say sorry for the 14th time.

I know my golden ticket NFL picks are ass, but I will hit on my picks at some point. I’m hoping it’s this week with how the board looks on Bovada. My overall record is 16-24. My goal for the rest of the season is to get to .500 and it starts this week.

Dallas Cowboys (-3.5) vs Cincinnati Bengals 

This might be the last chance the Cowboys get at a win this season. The Bengals have been trash all season. But with Joe Burrow going down, they have become booty cheeks. Brandon Allen is a backup quarterback for a reason. he can’t make big time throws and to be honest I don’t think he can win a game.

Now this is the battle of the backup quarterbacks, but I think Andy Dalton, a former starter, should be able to lead this team to a 7-point victory. This is a guaranteed hit. -3.5 is not enough, especially with the current condition of the Bengals. 

Baltimore Ravens vs Cleveland Browns (+2.5) 

I have no idea why the Ravens are favored in this game. The Browns have been playing well as of late and the Ravens just beat a bad Cowboys team.

Lamar Jackson is a glorified running back and will struggle against the Browns 8th ranked rush defense. If the Browns force Jackson to throw the ball, it’s most likely over for the Ravens. I’ll be hammering the Browns +2.5. Always bet on a home dog.

I could see the Browns winning this game by a lot. They did just destroy the Titans. I think they use that momentum and destroy the Ravens, most likely kicking them out of the playoffs.

New York Jets vs Seattle Seahawks (-13.5)

The Jets are horrible and the Seahawks’ defense is just as bad. But the Jets are dealing with injuries at wide receiver, so I think the Seahawks win by 14.

We all know the super duo of Sam Darnold and Adam Gase are trash. Don’t expect them to score many points this week. However on the Seahawks, I think Russell Wilson throws all over the Jets scoring upwards of 42 points. I would take advantage of the Jets for these final 4 weeks because once they land Trevor Lawrence, you won’t see the spread this high.

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