Ezzus’s Golden Ticket NFL Picks: Week 15

Ezzus Golden Ticket NFL picks

Last week, I was close to having the 3rd Golden Ticket NFL picks of the season. If Lamar Jackson could have just taken a longer shit, we might be celebrating a victory this week. Unfortunately, we’re “celebrating” a 2-1 week, but I’m one week closer to the .500 record I need to keep this series alive.

With an 18-25 record, I’ll need a few golden weeks to close out the season, but I believe I can do it. The board at Bovada looks good enough to get a Golden Ticket in week 15.

New York Jets vs Los Angeles Rams (-17)

The past 2 Golden Ticket picks have included the Jets, and I’m rolling the dice for the 3rd consecutive week. I’ll say it again: the New York Jets are straight booty cheeks and aren’t going to win a single game this year.

The Rams are a good team and can easily beat the Jets by 21 points. The Jets only managed to score 3 points against the last place Seahawks defense. So, I’m not expecting them to do much against the Rams number one defense. Don’t be a dummy and not bet against the horrible Jets this week.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-6.5) vs Atlanta Falcons 

The Falcons have screwed the Golden Ticket so many times this year that I was hesitant to throw this in. Usually, I was betting on the Falcons to win, but this week that’s not the case. Tampa Bay has had a bunch of ups and downs this year, but I think the team gets a convincing win this week.

Tom Brady historically plays well at the end of the season; his 64-16 December record throughout his career doesn’t lie. With that said, I’m predicting a 10-14 point victory. No one will be sweating this one out. The Bucs will be in full control against the Falcons from the beginning to the end.

Philadelphia Eagles (+6) vs Arizona Cardinals 

Last week, we saw the revitalization of the Philadelphia offense with Jalen Hurts as the starting quarterback. They beat the Saints in convincing fashion and are smartly sticking with Hurts again this week. To be honest, the Eagles should win outright. So, taking the +6 is easy money.

The Cards are not all that good, and Hurts’s rushing ability will be hard to stop. I’m expecting the game to be competitive, but the Eagles will be the ones leading for the majority of the game. Take the Eagles to win outright or with the points, it’s not a bad bet at all.

I feel the most comfortable with this ticket than I have on all other tickets before it. I would take a new $20 bill and slap it on this parlay, doing so will win you $125. These picks give you enough money to buy a shirt at our shop and still have $100 left over. Don’t be a fool and miss out on this great deal.



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