Ezzus’s Golden Ticket NFL Picks: Week 16

Ezzus's Golden Ticket NFL picks

Another 0-3 week for the once great Ezzus. This season hasn’t gone the way I planned for my NFL picks, but I’m a fighter and will keep giving out trash tickets. 

You most likely should just fade my NFL picks at this point. I’ve been legit trash all year, with an overall record of 18-28 getting to .500 is basically impossible. I would like to apologize to all 3 of my fans who have stuck with me till the end. You’re the real MVP. 

Let’s take a look at the board at Bovada. Hopefully this week I turn things around and get a much-needed dub. 

Atlanta Falcons vs Kansas City Chiefs (-10.5)

The Chiefs are going to destroy the Falcons this week. Again, I lost on a Falcons bet last week. But, I’m crazy and going against them again. 

The Chiefs are going to win by 2 touchdowns and I’m sure of it. KC has the best offense in the league for a reason and it will be on full display this Sunday. Pat Mahomes will throw for 350 yards and 3 touchdowns in an easy victory. We will not be seeing the Falcons losing a huge lead as the Chiefs will lead the whole game. 

Chicago Bears (ML) vs Jacksonville Jaguars 

To be honest, I’m taking this bet for selfish reasons. I want to be totally wrong on this bet and have the Jags win so my Jets get back in the race for Trevor Lawrence.

Low key, this is actually a good bet. I like taking teams that have something to play for and the Bears are that team. They are fighting for a playoff spot, so they will be playing hard all game. Plus, dynamic rookie James Robinson is most likely not playing. Putting the game in the hands of Gardner Minshew is a huge win for da Bears. 

Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys (ML)

It’s a surprise saying this but the Cowboys have a chance at the division. They need some help, but it all starts with winning this week. 

Andy Dalton has looked good the past couple of weeks. In his last 4 starts he has put up 894 yards, 7 touchdowns and 1 interception. That’s lot better than his first 4 games where he put up 655 yards, 4 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. He clearly has gotten a better understanding of the offense and I think he can beat this Eagles team. 

Hungry dogs run faster and the Cowboys are extremely hungry. Again. take a team that has something to play for as it makes for a great bet. 

If you take this parlay and drop $20 bills, you’re going to make $89 bucks. Then use that money at our shop and get some sweet merch. You can’t pass up a sexual T-shirt for only $20. 



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