Ezzus’s Golden Ticket NFL Picks: Week 7

Ezzus Golden Ticket NFL picks Week 7

Remember what I said last week about “all my tickets will always be golden, Ponyboy?” Well that was a total lie. I fall under .500 yet again and now have a 9-10 record for my NFL picks. Things look bleak. 

I do have an excuse for this week, as I was in quarantine because of the Rona. So, I should get a pass. I’m finally free and prepared to give the people what they want: a true golden ticket. 

This is a ticket you can show off to the bros and one you”ll be proud to take home to your mama. We’ll be using Bovada for all lines this week.

Carolina Panthers (+7) vs New Orleans Saints

I think the Carolina Panthers are the surprise team in the NFL this year. Once they lost Christan McCaffrey to injury, it seemed like the Panthers were headed for dark times. 

This didn’t happen. They currently sit at 3-3 and are in the conversation for the last playoff spot. 

With that being said, I believe that this team is getting disrespected as a 7.5 point dog. The Saints haven’t been playing good football and their star wide receiver is randomly punching people in the face. 

I think the Panthers will come and hang a few early points on the Saints as they shake some rust off from the bye. I would take advantage of Vegas’s mistake and cash in.

San Francisco 49ers vs New England Patriots (-2)

It’s not a golden ticket unless I’m betting against the 49ers; I clearly havent learned my lesson as I’m still betting against them here. 

I think Cam Newton and company will be running all over this defense. The 49ers aren’t great at stopping the running game. They currently sit at 15th in the league. Belichick likes using his big mobile quarterback as a runner, giving him 10 carries a game. I think Newton will make light work of this defense and run for over 50 yards and a score, while the running back also gets major work done on the ground. 

This will be more than enough to beat this 49ers team by more than two. 

Detroit Lions (+115) vs Atlanta Falcons 

The Falcons are not very good and one win doesn’t change that. The defense is so bad offensive mastermind Adam Gase could hang 100 on them. 

I think the Lions will kill the Falcons this week. Kenny Golladay has a very spicy matchup and could easily eclipse 100 yards and a touchdown. The Falcons pass defense ranks dead last in the league. Matthew Stafford will be throwing the ball all day. 

I remember writing an article about not sleeping on the Falcons, you can totally sleep on them now. This team may win 3 games this year but they won’t get one this week.

I feel really good about my NFL picks this week. I did all the research I could to secure another golden ticket. If you take my ok advice and drop $20 on this parlay, you’ll be $140 richer. 



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