Ezzus’s Golden Ticket NFL Picks: Week One

Ezzus Golden Ticket NFL picks
Ezzus has your golden ticket NFL picks

If you’re low on money and need cash now call 1-800-Ezzus-has-the-NFL-picks. We have the golden ticket for week one of the NFL season. I have three matchups that are surefire, can’t miss picks. You can put all three NFL picks in a parlay, or bet on one individually. It doesn’t matter how you take them, they are all winners. I’ll be using Brovada for all the lines this year. 

On Sunday, you’ll rejoice in knowing that taking advice from a moron actually worked. You’ll be making money instead of paying that pesky bookie you have. 

New York Jets at Buffalo Bills (‐6.5)

The Jets are not losing this game by more than a touchdown, and i’m not just saying that because i’m a homer. No the Jets aren’t one of the better teams in the league, but they did get better from last year. 

The O-line has improved with free agent signings and they have gotten more weapons around Sam Darnold. This should help Darnold and company move the ball down the field easier. 

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The Jets’ defense should be able to contain Josh Allen and the Bills’ offense. Last year, the Jets defense ranked 7th. In the two full games Allen has played against the Jets, he has committed 7 turnovers. Four of those turnovers came in week 1 last year. Look for the Jets to do the same this week. 

This game will be low scoring games as each team has a good defense. If you want to feel comfortable, buy a half a point to make it +7. You probably won’t have to as the game should end 24-21 with a Bills win. Take the Jets +6.5.

Green Bay Packers At Minnesota Vikings (-2.5)

Aaron Rodgers is going to light up the Vikings this weekend. If you give a top-two QB the opportunity to throw the ball against rookie corners, he’s going to have a field day. 

With rookies Jeff Gladney and Cameron Dantzler projecting to get some serious playing time, look for Rodgers to exploit this. It will take time for the rookie corners to overcome the transition from college to the pros, especially with no preseason games. Doing so week one against Rodgers and Davante Adams will be challenging.

The Vikings’ defense has gotten marginally better this offseason with the addition of Yannick Ngakoue, but not enough to stop Rodgers. Last year Rodgers led the Packers to a 2-0 record against the Vikings. He will get another win with a 28-20 victory. Take the Packers +2.5.

Tennessee Titans (‐2.5) at Denver Broncos

With the unfortunate news of Von Miller missing the entire season due to injury, I see the Titans getting an easy win week one.  Derrick Henry should pick up where he left off from last year, and be able to run all this defense. 

The Titans had the 16th ranked rushing defense. But with Miller missing the year, this should take a dip. 

Ryan Tannehill will flourish as the game manager he truly is. He’ll have all day to throw the ball, and play action should be a big help. 

The Titans are the favorite and on the road so Vegas obviously thinks this is a good bet. I see this game being a two score advantage for the Titans, so I would take the Titans -2.5. 

If you were to take these games as a parlay and bet an honest $20, you’re looking to be making a sweet $119. That’s a decent payday for reading a quick article. I’ll be keeping track of my NFL picks throughout the week, come back next week for Ezzus’s Golden Ticket for week 2. You’ll love me and your bookie will hate you. 



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