Ezzus’s Golden Ticket NFL Picks: Wildcard Edition

Last week was a disaster. My NFL picks went 1-2. The dream of a .500 record is all but over. With an overall record of 21-31, I will need to be perfect the rest of the way. 

I’m feeling like Nostradamus with my back against the wall. I’m predicting a 3-0 finish. No better time to give the loyal readers my beast than the playoffs. I have a very special wild card golden ticket this week. 

As always ways we’ll be using Bovada for all the lines this weekend. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-8) vs The Washington Football Team 

Tampa Bay has the easiest game this weekend. They draw the 7-9 Team, who they should beat easily. Tompa has a high powered offense that finished 7th in the regular season. So, the -8 line really doesn’t scare me.

I believe the Bucs are going to beat the Football Team by at least 10 points. I could see the score ending up at like 35-14. However, I don’t see any surprises happening in this game. The Football Team is not very good, they almost lost to a tanking Eagles team. 

This should be the easiest win of the weekend, the line should have been set at 10.5.  Don’t waste this valuable opportunity and not take the Bucs. 

Baltimore Ravens vs Tennessee Titans (+3.5)

This line is odd to me. I feel like the Titans should be favored in this game. They are the home team and, in the past, they’ve come up against the Ravens twice.

I actually think the Titans are going to beat the Ravens again. Obviously, Derrick Henry is going to be the main reason this happens. Henry is averaging 164 yards in his last two meetings with the Ravens. This takes the load off Ryan Tannehill. Having a dominate run game will only open up the passing game for Tannehill. 

This game is going to be close, no doubt. It’s actually going to be the best game of the weekend, coming down to a field goal. If the Titans or Ravens win by a field goal, you’re totally fine if you take the Titans +3.5. 

Cleveland Browns (+6) vs Pittsburgh Steelers 

This is the riskiest pick out of the bunch. I think the Steelers have the best chance to win, but won’t win by more than six. 

The Browns will be without head coach Kevin Stefanski because of the cough. But JuJu Smith-Schuster is stirring the pot yet again with his questionable quote.

“I think they’re still the same Browns teams I play every year. I think they’re nameless gray faces. They have a couple good players on their team, but at the end of the day, I don’t know. The Browns is the Browns.”

Juju Smith-Schuster to AP’s Tom Withers

Smith-Schuster clearly didn’t learn his lesson when he danced on opponents logo pregame and proceeded to be the target of the opposite defense. He, again, is giving the opposite team some motivation — something you should never do during the playoffs. 

Throwing $20 on these wild card golden ticket NFL picks, will win you $129. Not a bad pay day for sitting on your couch watching the playoffs. Don’t be a fool and not take this parlay. I’m guaranteeing it hits. 



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