Freaks and Cheeks: Week 13 of your Fantasy Picks

Freaks and Cheeks Fantasy Picks

Well it was another bad week for the fantasy “experts” here at The Challenge. With a combined record of 2-4, we are getting dangerously close to Matthew Berry territory. The last thing we wanted was to turn into the one thing we hated the most. 

The closest to that Matthew Berry territory however is the Hebrew Hammer. His combined record of 15-21 is sad. No one’s lord and savior Ezzus’s 16-20 fantasy picks record is slightly less sad, however. Both “experts” will get one more shot at it before the higher ups pull the plug on this series. 

From The Sexual Mind Of Ezzus The Great 

Freak: Justin Jefferson 

The Jaguars have one of the worst secondaries in the NFL, currently ranking 29th. For this reason alone I believe Jefferson will have a huge game. ESPN says he’ll only score 14 points but I believe he could go over 20. 

Last week with the absence of Adam Thielen, Jefferson went off for 26 points. While Thielen is back this week, I don’t think that matters. 

The Vikings are surprisingly fighting for a playoff spot and could go down early against the Jags and sexy Mike Glennon. I would expect them to pass the ball a bunch if they do. If you need one final win to secure a playoff spot, starting Jefferson is the move. 

Freak: Jamison Crowder 

Sam Darnold and Jamison Crowder couldn’t get on the same page last week. But I think that changes this week. Crowder is Darnold’s favorite receiver and should eat this week against the sus Raiders’ secondary. 

Two of Darnold’s three touchdowns are to Crowder, so he is a touchdown dependent player. But he gets so many targets, I’m willing to roll the dice on him scoring over his projected 10 points. Crowder is a sneaky play this week and could get upwards of 15-17 points.

Cheeks: Gio Bernard 

Ever since Joe Mixon hit the IR, fantasy owners have been starting Bernard. This is wrong. Two good performances in weeks 7 and 8 shouldn’t make him a staple in your starting lineups. 

With three straight weeks of scoring under 10 points, his 12 point projection is truly wild. I’d expect another below 10 point performance again this week. 

Keep him on the bench until he can show you he can actually show he’s a quality starter. You can’t miss the playoffs in your fantasy league because you started this bum. 

From the Mind of the Hebrew Hammer:

Freak: Ezekiel Elliott

Zeke has been basically unstartable since Dak’s injury, but this week could provide a juicy matchup for him. He plays against the COVID-19-ridden Ravens, who’s starting quarterback hasn’t been cleared yet. This means the Cowboys could take control of this game early, and ride Zeke to the finish line. 

The Ravens’ rush defense has been modest at best, and if the offense continues to stall without Lamar Jackson, the defense could be in big trouble. Remember, Zeke FEASTS on tired defenses.

Freak: Diontae Johnson 

Johnson is in must start territory now. He is an absolute target hog, and is clearly Big Ben’s favorite option. Knowing that the Steelers like to play down to competition, and seeing how well the Football Team has been playing as of late, this could be one for the books. 

If this game is as competitive as I predict, Big Ben will NEED to get Johnson the rock. Johnson would’ve had a much bigger game on Wednesday if he didn’t drop three passes, so I expect him to use his sloppy performance as motivation to go off this weekend. 

Cheeks: Justin Jefferson

With Thielen coming back into the rotation, expect for Jefferson to return to his normally inconsistent play. They play the Jags, a team the Vikings should have no problem handling early on. 

They should be able to take control of this game and run all over one of the worst rush defenses in the entire NFL. This would call for less passes to go around, and therefore less passes heading in Jefferson’s direction. And also, I’m starting him in my big money league’s wildcard game, which means will in fact throw up a stinker. Sorry everyone. 

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