Freaks and Cheeks: Week 14 of your Fantasy Picks

Freaks and Cheeks fantasy picks

As the playoffs start for most fantasy players, Freaks and Cheeks has never been more important. Owners are looking for any advantage they can get and the best kept secret in all of fantasy sports is Freaks and Cheeks. 

The fantasy “experts” are here to help navigate you through these stressful times. Last week, the team had a combined record of 4-2, but only because Ezzus had a perfect 3-0 week. The Hebrew Hammer, on the other hand, held down the team with his 1-2 record. That’s not a surprise as his current overall record is 16-22 while Ezzus has a respectable 19-20 record. 

We’ll see how this week goes, but Freaks and Cheeks might have an opening after the season is over. Let’s see how the Hammer responds with his back against the wall. To all the playoff teams, may the odds be ever in your favor.

From the Perfect Mind Of Ezzus:

Freak: Jamison Crowder 

Last week, Crowder was a freak with his 22 points. I think he’s a freak yet again this week. He showed that he is still Sam Darnold’s favorite target and now gets the opportunity to go up against the trash Seahawks’ defense. 

As it stands now, the Seahawks give up the most passing yards in the NFL. This should make Crowder owners salivate. Not to mention, Jets stud rookie Denzel Mims will miss the game due to a family emergency. 

This should equate to more targets for Crowder; so it’s surprising he’s only projected for 12 points. He could possibly produce another 20 point performance. Don’t be a fool and let Crowder waste away on your bench.

Cheeks: Ronald Jones 

ESPN projects Jones to score 13 points and I just don’t see it. He has only scored over 13 points five times this year and is a touchdown dependent player. He still has Leonard Fournette breathing down his neck for touches, especially near the goalline where Fournette will get the majority of the work. 

I also see the Bucs throwing the ball more than usual this game. The Vikings are the 7th worst passing defense in the league. The washed Tom Brady should have a decent passing game, limiting the touches Jones will get. If Jones was on my team, I’d sit him this week. Wasting a starting spot on him could cause you to lose your first round matchup.

Freak: D.J. Chark 

D.J. Chark will be a matchup nightmare for the trash Titans’ secondary. While he struggled against a good Browns’ secondary last week, he had 7 targets. The opportunities are there, but he has to take advantage.

It’s likely that the Jags will be playing from behind most of this game, so he’ll have to take advantage, especially with more opportunities to score. The last time he played the Titans, he caught all of his targets for 84 yards. If he can sneak in a touchdown, he will totally be worth the start. Take advantage of this strong matchup and get yourself a playoff win. 

From the Mind of Sad Boy Hebrew Hammer:

Freak: Russell Wilson

After starting the year with an unreal string of performances, fantasy owners believed they struck gold. However, Mr. Unlimited fell down to earth in Week 10 and hasn’t been able to recover. 

He now plays against the franchise-in-poverty known as the New York Jets, and will look to bounce back in time for the fantasy playoffs. Although the Jets will not be running zero coverage, I still believe this game will have Wilson’s fingerprints all over it. 

Freak: Melvin Gordon

Although I have never been high on Gordon, he should be set to eat this weekend. It felt like Gordon out performed his counterpart Lindsay on the ground for the first time all year last week. He should use this momentum to continue his success. 

Don’t let his inconsistent play and 10 point ESPN projections fool you. He plays against a very weak rush defense in Carolina and could get some valuable receiving work if the game ends up being a shootout.  

Freak: Jalen Reagor

Jalen Hurts SZN is underway in Philly, and we will see some major changes because of it. Once Hurts was thrown into his first real NFL action last week, he immediately looked for Reagor to provide a big play. 

The electric wideout then returned a punt for a touchdown and showed flashes of what we could eventually expect. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Hurts lean towards his fellow rookie and start off his career in style. 

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