Freaks and Cheeks: Week 16 Of Your Fantasy Picks

Freaks and Cheeks fantasy picks

It’s championship weekend for most fantasy owners, and if it’s not, you need a new commissioner. The fantasy “experts” are back at it again giving mediocre advice. Although, it’s a lot better than anything Matthew Berry is putting out there. 

With a four-pick lead over the Hebrew Hammer, Ezzus looks like the 2020 champion. However, the Hammer has one last chance for the upset of the century, needing to go 6-0 the next two weeks for the dub. So, let’s see what he does with his back against the wall. 

From The Sexy Mind Of Ezzus 

Freak: Jamison Crowder 

As a full participant in Thursday’s practice, Crowder should go off for the one-win Jets. Again, he is Sam Darnold’s favorite receiver when healthy, but a calf injury that had him limited had him not looking like himself.

With only an 11-point projection I see Crowder crushing this, especially going up against the 22nd-best passing defense. 

Freak: Leonard Fournette 

With the news of Ronald Jones out again this week, Fournette is in line for a huge workload load. He is always dangerous at the goal line, so adding more touches should give owners a half chub. 

Fournette scored 21 points behind his 2 touchdown performance. That should be his floor this week. The Lions are horrible against the run, giving up the 4th-most yards in the league. So, Fournette’s 14-point projections are kind of sus. Expect a big game and a championship if you start Fournette.

Freak: Jarvis Landry 

Landry and Mayfield have been clicking lately. In his last 4 games, Landry hasn’t had any less than 6 receptions or 50 yards. This week, he draws the horrible Jets secondary. His usage and matchup clearly indicate a huge day for Landry. 

The Browns are fighting for the division, so they won’t be sleeping on the Jets like the Rams did. Landry is only projected 14 points, but I could see him scoring in the mid 20s. Don’t be dumb and lose your championship because Landry was sitting on your bench. 

From the mind of the Clutch Hammer

Freak: Melvin Gordon 

Don’t let ESPN’s 11 point projection fool you, Gordon could be your league winner. With Phillip Lindsay set to miss this week’s matchup against the Chargers, Gordon will have the keys to the Denver backfield.

I’d be surprised to see the former Charger not ellipse 20 total touches, which would be only the THIRD time this season. If you’ve rostered Gordon all year, this is the time for it to pay off. Go get your bag, King. 

Cheeks: Jonathan Taylor

Taylor will have a very steep hill to climb against the win-thirsty Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. Not only does Pittsburgh have the best rush defense in the entire NFL, but the Colts will be shorthanded up front. They will be without their two stud tackles, which could lead to a tough day on the ground for the rush heavy Colts team. Taylor is projected for a lofty 16 points on Sunday, but this seems like a tall order considering the situation.

Freak: Le’Veon Bell

With Clyde Edwards-Helaire out with 30 different injuries. It will be Bell’s turn to shine. With the timetable unclear for Helaire’s return, it would make sense for the Chiefs to integrate Bell into the offense with the playoffs on the horizon.

Expect to see a busy Bell on Sunday against an Atlanta team that can put up major points. After being unstartable all year, rostering Bell can payoff on Sunday. 

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