Freaks and Cheeks: Week Nine of Your Fantasy Picks

freaks and cheeks fantasy picks

I have finally gotten back to my winning ways in fantasy picks. Last week, Alan and I both finished 2-1, which is collectively our best week in Freaks and Cheeks history.  We are inching closer and closer to actually being fantasy experts. 

We will aim for perfection this week, but I doubt Alan will be able to match my greatness. Alan is still cheeks with his 9-15 record, while I’m currently in the lead with a 11-13 record. If you know what’s good for you, put more stock into my fantasy predictions than the Hebrew Hammer’s. 

Freaks/Cheeks: From the ill Mind of the 11-13 Ezzus:

Freak: Brandin Cooks

The last time Cooks faced the Jags’ secondary, he made Bill O’Brien look like a genius. Cooks hauled in 8 receptions, 160 yards and a touchdown.

He could replicate these same numbers this week. ESPN has him scoring 12 points this week, but I think Matthew Berry is smoking crack here. The Jags give up the 8th most passing yards in the league. Cooks will eat. 

You wouldn’t want to leave 20-30 points on your bench, especially if you are desperate for a win. Cooks has become Watson’s favorite target in his last three games. The quarterback has targeted Cooks 12, 9 and 9 times. The production is there and he should be able to capitalize on a weak secondary.

Freak: Cole Beasley

Cole Beasley has been sneaky good this year and is the 25th best receiver in the league. He draws a very good matchup against the Seahawks’ last-ranked passing defense

Beasley’s 11 point projection is confusing, I think he gets over 15 points this week and that’s his floor. 

The Bills, more specifically Josh Allen, have struggled but I think this gets turned around this week. This Seahawks’ defense is nowhere near where it was when they had the Legion of Boom. 

Since the Seahawks give up nearly 360 passing yards a game, Beasley and the Bills should do fine this week.

Cheeks: Leonard Fournette

Leonard Fournette and Ronald Jones are still in a running back-by-committee situation and it hurts both backs’ fantasy relevance. However, somehow ESPN projects Fournette to score 15 points. Someone needs to drug test Berry with these wild predictions. 

The Bucs face the Saints this week and this game could turn into a shootout. There could be less opportunities for Fournette, who is touchdown dependent, to tack on points. He could be used in the passing game, but I think they will try to get Antonio Brown going to see how the offense works with him. This could take valuable receptions away from the backfield, plus there is no guarantee Fournette gets those receptions. 

If he was on my team, I would sit him this week. If someone were to offer Jerry Jeudy in exchange for Fournette, I’d hit the accept button quick.

Freaks/Cheeks: From the Mind of the 9-15 Hebrew Hammer:

Cheeks: Jonathan Taylor

The Colts benched Taylor last week after a sluggish performance against the Lions. Jordan Wilkins dominated in Taylor’s place after the Colts called his name.

After the game, trainers informed the Colts coaching staff that Taylor was playing through an ankle injury. It would make sense for the Colts to take it easy on Taylor this week, and in turn, give Wilkins his well-deserved portion of the backfield. 

Cheeks: Chase Edmonds

It might look like Edmonds has a dream matchup against a poor rush defense as his team’s newest premier running back. However, we might want to pump the breaks. 

Edmonds value will primarily come in the passing game as the team’s scat back, and the game script against a raw rookie QB playing in his second NFL game doesn’t seem too enticing. 

The game could get pretty out of hand early, which could lead to the Cardinals giving rookie Eno Benjamin an extended run to drain out the clock. 

Freak: Phillip Lindsay

I can’t think of too many players in this league that are overlooked as heavily as Lindsay is. The dude is a baller with great field vision. 

Since returning from injury, Lindsay has averaged a whopping 10.3 YPC while his counter-part Melvin Gordon has been held to 3.8. 

It’s only a matter of time before Lindsay forces a shuffle in the backfield, and I believe it could be this week. NEVER count out Lindsay. 

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