Freaks and Cheeks: Week Seven of Your Fantasy Picks

freaks and cheeks week 7 fantasy picks

After another disappointing week, I have decided that shit talking is not the answer. On the bright side, Ezzus also went 1-2 with his fantasy picks this past week. I currently sit at 4-14 on the season while Sir Ezzus is at a much better, yet still unimpressive, 9-9 record. 

I am praying to the Freaks and Cheeks gods to bless me with some big dubs this week. But I wouldn’t blame you for doing exactly the opposite of what I say. 

Freaks/Cheeks: From the Mind of the 4-14 Hebrew Hammer:

Cheeks: Justin Jackson

After a pretty nice showing as the Chargers’ lead back in Week 5, ESPN now projects Jackson for a whopping 15 points. Yes, the matchup against Jacksonville’s poor rush defense seems enticing, but it’s best not to get your hopes up if you are starting Jackson this weekend. 

The Chargers are splitting backfield snaps down the middle between Jackson and rookie Joshua Kelley. So the upside for Jackson is obviously capped. Start Jackson if you absolutely have to, but don’t expect him to produce at a high level. 

Cheeks: Cooper Kupp

Kupp has been a frustrating play for most of the season. He is currently averaging 13.4 fantasy points per game with a good chunk of it coming in Weeks 3 and 4. He will suit up against Chicago’s stout secondary that has allowed the 3rd fewest fantasy points to opposing wideouts. 

In Jared Goff’s two games against Chitown, he has thrown 0 touchdowns to 5 interceptions while posting a mediocre 44.5 passer rating. Kupp could be in for a long day on Monday. 

Freak: Kenny Golladay

Since coming back from a hamstring injury that held him out of two games, Golladay has put up games with 17,16 and 17 points respectively. He has yet to put together a signature performance

This week, the Atlanta Falcons are on the menu. Yup, the same Falcons squad that let rookie Justin Jefferson son them last week. Expect similar results from Golladay on Sunday, and don’t be surprised when he single handedly wins you your matchup this weekend. 

Freaks/Cheeks: From the Ill Mind of Ezzus (9-9)

Cheeks: D’Andre Swift 

D’Andre Swift had the fantasy breakout performance that managers had been eagerly waiting for. Now they have an excuse to start him. But this is a mistake. 

Last week was the first time Swift had over 10 carries in a game. If you start him this week, you’re betting on the same thing happening, and it won’t. Swift will still have to compete with Adrian Peterson for touches. AP currently averages 14 carries a game vs Swift who only averages 5. 

Swift’s two touchdowns were the main reason for his big day. I don’t see him getting that consistently. If you can see him getting goal line touches and those two touchdowns, be my guest and start him. 

Unfortunately, I don’t see it this week. But I would keep an eye to see if he is used more.

Freak: Tim Patrick

In his past two games. Tim Patrick has gone over 100 yards and been targeted on average 7.5 times. This is a great sign for fantasy managers, he is heavily involved in the offense and producing. 

ESPN has his projections at 9 points. I think he scores at least 15 points this week. Denver plays Kansas City, and will most likely be down early. So, expect the team to throw more. Patrick seems like the goto guy this year and should start for anyone who needs WR help.

Freak: Devin Singletary 

To be 100 percent honest, I’m only picking Singletary because he’s going against the Jets. As it currently stands, the Jets give up 125 rushing yards a game. I see the Bills running all over this pathetic Jets defense. Josh Allen and Devin Singletary could rush for over 100 yards. 

ESPN currently has Singletary slated for only 12 points. But I could totally see him going for way more. I expect the Bills to get Josh Allen back on track and that starts with getting the running game going. 

I think they will go to him early and often. They also will use him to chew the clock when they are up double digits in the fourth. Start Singletary if you know what’s good for you. 



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