Freaks and Cheeks: Week 11 of Your Fantasy Picks

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Yet again, Alan and I have the same record from the previous week of our fantasy picks. Except this time, we were both trash. With a combined record of 2-4, we have disappointed many of our followers. The only thing I really care about at this point is the overall season record. For those keeping track, I am still destroying Alan with my 14-16 record compared to his trash-ass record of 12-18. 

Alan is getting dangerously close to losing the fantasy season series all together. He will need a couple of 3-0 weeks to even have a chance at beating the great Ezzus. I don’t think he has it in him, and deep down inside he knows I’m the best Freaks and Cheeks writer.      

Freaks/Cheeks: From the Splendid Mind Of Ezzus

Freak: N’Keal Harry

N’Keal Harry has been a disappointment ever since the Pats drafted him 32nd overall in the 2019 draft. He had 0 targets last week, but the heavy rain may have played a factor in that. This week, Harry gets a great matchup going up against the Texans’ trash secondary. 

We have seen flashes from Harry this year. He scored 15 points against the Seahawks, who also have a trash-ass secondary. Harry has a chance to do something similar this week against Houston. 

ESPN projects the Patriots receiver to only score 5 points. I think that’s a little low for Harry as the 2nd receiver on the depth chart. Harry is going to get a bigger portion of the targets in week 11 and will be the breakout fantasy star that you wish you started.

Cheeks: Robert Woods

ESPN projects Woods to score 13 points this week, and I don’t think that is happening. He may not even reach double digits. Last week, he had a mouth-watering matchup against the trash-ass Seahawks’ secondary and only scored 8 points.

Now Woods will be up against a good secondary in Tampa Bay. He could be in store for a rough week. 

I would not bank on him elevating your team to a win this week. With an up and down season, you can’t trust him, especially if you need a win.

Cheeks: Tyler Boyd

Boyd is projected to score 14 points, and that’s going to be a tough mountain to climb. He is going up against the league’s surprising No. 1 pass defense. Just on that fact alone, this probably won’t be a game where Boyd wins you the week. Sure, he might get you 10 points, but that’s not good enough to get you a win. 

The Bengals’ Week 11 matchup with the Washington Football Team won’t be a shoot out. I’m projecting a 21-17 victory for Washington. 

Boyd is a touchdown dependent player this week, and with only 3 touchdowns on the season, I don’t see Boyd getting one this week. 

Freaks/Cheeks: From the Mind of the Overly Handsome Hebrew Hammer:

Cheeks: Jarvis Landry

One would’ve thought Landry’s production would increase since OBJ suffered a torn ACL 3 weeks ago. In hindsight, this theory was wrong. The more intensive coverage on Landry has led to a combined 14 points over his last 2 games. Landry has yet to find the end zone this season, and I don’t see a reason why the trend would change. 

The Browns now have Nick Chubb back, and will continue to lean on the running game with Kareem Hunt being utilized as Mayfield’s safety net. Landry’s 12-point projection might look enticing, but it’s best to leave him on your bench this weekend. 

Cheeks: Todd Gurley

Due to the large amounts of injuries to running backs this season, Gurley finds himself among the best backs in fantasy. With that said, his production is purely touchdown dependent at this point. He is a non-factor in the receiving game, and has failed to top 63 yards since week 5. 

To make matters worse, Gurley plays against the best rush defense in the league this weekend, and his ceiling looks to be in serious jeopardy. Stay away from Gurley on Sunday. 

Freak: T.J. Hockenson 

The Lions will deploy an extremely depleted offense on Sunday. They will be without pass catchers Kenny G, Danny Amendola and D’Andre Swift. This means Hockenson could be in store for a monster day as Stafford will have to make lemonade out of limes. 

There are only so many options left, and it would make sense for the veteran to lean on his trustworthy tight end. 

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