Freaks and Cheeks: Week Four of Your Fantasy Picks

freaks and cheeks week 5 fantasy picks

I love how I was totally called out last week for “regressing” while my “partner” was the one to regress. It’s hard to get worse from a consistent 1-2 record, on fantasy picks but the “great” Hebrew Hammer did just that. 

Last week, we witnessed the first ever 0-3 week in Freaks and Cheeks history. This is unacceptable, making me question if Alan is an imposter. 

I’ve been playing fantasy football with Alan for almost a decade. Each year without fail, he injects his horrible fantasy takes into the league’s group chat. I consistently call him out for his  horrendous takes and get called a moron. But, I finally have proof that I know more about football than Alan does. 

With my 8-4 record and Alan’s 3-9 record, it’s clear who is superior. Follow my advice and you’ll end this year a champion.

Freaks and Cheeks from the regressing mind of Hebrew Hammer (3-9)

Freak: Justin Jefferson 

Coming off of two straight hundred yard outings, Jefferson is quickly approaching must-start territory. 

The trend should continue against Seattle’s last ranked secondary. This game should be full of explosive plays as two of the worst defenses will duke it out. 

I don’t expect Kirk Skywalker to outduel Russ and friends. but I do expect him to throw a couple zingers to his new favorite weapon on Sunday.  

Cheeks: Justin Jackson 

In wake of Austin Ekeler’s extended leave, it looks like the Chargers will deploy rookie Joshua Kelley and veteran Justin Jackson to lead the team’s backfield. The pair will go up against a stout New Orleans rush defense, which severely limits the teams potential on the ground. 

Kelley will get the first crack at the early down work. But, we should expect both backs to rotate between drives. Kelley is the far superior pass catcher of the backfield, so it looks like Jackson will have the fewest amount of opportunities to succeed. 

Unless you expect Kelley to make an early rookie mistake, it makes the most sense to leave Jackson on your bench.  

Cheeks: Myles Gaskin

Gaskin will struggle to find holes against San Fran’s number one rush defense. Although he currently has the stranglehold on Miami’s backfield, there simply won’t be enough points to go around to warrant another solid fantasy outing on Sunday. 

Gaskin will continue to surrender all short yard opportunities to Jordan Howard. That severely limits his chances of salvaging his day with a short yard touchdown. 

To make matters worse, he will also be forced to split receiving work with the more explosive Matt Breida if Miami finds themselves in a hole. I wouldn’t touch Gaskin with a 20 foot stick unless I absolutely had to.

Freaks and Cheeks from the superior mind of Ezzus (8-4)

Freak: Kareem Hunt 

Kareem Hunt is a must start this week. He’s no longer in a committee with Nick Chubb out for several weeks. Becoming the lead back of the number one rush offense should yield big numbers for Hunt. 

This is what fantasy owners have been waiting for since they drafted Hunt. We have seen flashes that Hunt is still the guy we saw in Kansas City and now he has more opportunities. Hunt will now take the majority of the 14 rushing attempts left due to Chubb’s injury. Hunt could see up to 20 rushing attempts plus his usual targets through the air. 

The best thing for a player in fantasy is volume and Hunt will get that for sure. This is a guaranteed freak this week. Hunt is a must start until Chubb comes back into the lineup. He could even take the starting job. 

Freak: DeVante Parker 

The 49ers are still dealing with major injuries on the defensive side. Not to mention, Richard Sherman is still out

I think this gives Parker a great opportunity to go off this week. He has been Fitzmagic’s favorite receiver this year, being targeted 9 times a game and catching 82 percent of his targets. 

This could be a game where the Dolphins are playing from behind so the volume should be there. At the end of this game, Parker could have over 100 yards and a touchdown. He will be a freak this week so don’t waste him on your bench. That’s not what good fantasy owners do.

Cheeks: A.J. Green 

This is for that fantasy owner that needs to learn to let go. A.J. Green is not worth starting until he can prove he’s not washed. 

Through the first four games, Green has been targeted 33 times. He only caught 14 of those and only accumulated 119 yards. I don’t know what is wrong with Green but it’s not looking good. 

I don’t think his week is Green’s coming out party. Tyler Boyd looks like Joe Burrow’s favorite receiver. The problem with Green is he could score 1 or 20. You just don’t know when he’ll get out of this funk. 

It also doesn’t seem like Burrow has trust in his veteran receiver. That doesn’t translate to fantasy success. Until you believe 100 percent in him, let Green ride the bench. As of right now Green is sus. 

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