Giannis should go to Dallas

Giannis Antetokounmpo has the potential to change the NBA landscape in 2021. If Giannis decides to leave the Milwaukee Bucks, ESPN will turn into WWGL (Where Will Giannis Land). Stephen A will subject us to endless segments about how the New York Knicks will secure the services of The Greek Freak. This is a public service announcement for all Knicks fans: YOU WILL NOT SIGN GIANNIS ANTETOKOUNMPO. The Knicks actually won’t sign any quality free agents until James Dolan sells the team. 

Giannis won’t sign with the big name teams like the Lakers or the Warriors. But he could and should link up with Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis in Dallas. They would form the first all-European big three. That team would control the NBA for as long as they were together.

Dallas is set up for a big splash in the 2021 offseason; both Courtney Lee’s and Tim Hardaway Jr. ‘s contracts are coming off the books in the next two offseasons. With $42 million in cap space, this is more than enough to sign Giannis. The Mavs are only paying one max player in Porzingis, and with Doncic still on his rookie deal. This is the perfect time to build a super team.

The Mavs already have good three-point shooters on the team. Giannis is a get-to-the-basket-type of player so having good three-point shooters helps space the floor. 

Both Porzingis and Doncic are already good shooters. Doncic ranked 22nd in made three pointers while also having Porzingis ranked 43rd. They will have solid role players for Giannis to take advantage of. Seth Curry will still be under contract. While he’s nothing like his brother Steph, he’s still a solid shooter from downtown. Oh and he also ranked 40th in three pointers made. 

The Mavs have three players in the top 50, while the only player on the Bucks to see his name on the list is Khris Middleton. Dallas is tailor made for Giannis to flourish. The Bucks aren’t built to win a championship with just Giannis. They need another star. The Mavs provide this and have the flexibility to bring in quality free agents. It’s the same thing the Laker were able to do around Lebron and AD.

Doncic, just like Giannis, can get to the basket at will. They could execute the pick and roll to perfection. This also allows Porzingis to be a dangerous stretch four and knock down threes. Both could see a lot of iso ball opportunities with a wide open floor. This will benefit Doncic, as he was the 3rd best iso player in 2019-20.  

If the Bucks want to keep the services of Giannis, they need to win a finals. If not, the Greek Freak will be looking to take his talents elsewhere. Dallas is the perfect location, the team has already shown it can be competitive in the playoffs. The Mavs easily could have been 2-0 against the Clippers if Porzingis wasn’t ejected for Marcus Morris trying to choke him out. Giannis will be able to create his own legacy in Dallas, instead of pulling a KD and forming a big 3 with a team already in the championship conversation. 

An all-European big 3 winning the Finals would be historic for the game. It would show just how much the league has grown worldwide. NBA fans would rejoice in having a new team that could win it all. 

But those same fans will become bored of them dominating the league. After a couple of championships, the Mavs will turn into the villains. Fans will want a team to steal a championship from the Mavs, and seeing the league focused on beating one team is always fun to watch. 

If the Mavs are able to pull this off, we could see a dynasty. All three players would be under the age of 30 while also having the experience to make a run immediately. The European Big 3 could dominate the NBA for years. 

ALL LUV @ Buck fans 


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