Is Gordon Hayward Sus?

Is Gordon Hayward sus?
Is Gordon Hayward sus? He might just be.

It may not be clear to everyone but Gordon Hayward missed the birth of his  son, just for the Heat to take a 3-1 lead. I don’t know about you but Hayward’s acting kinda sus. 

He seems okay with leaving the bubble when he’s hurt. But the minute it becomes about his wife and unborn son, it becomes all about Hayward and his “dreams.”

Hayward puts on the illusion that he’s some kind of family man, but that’s just not the case.

Gordon Hayward obviously isn’t a “girl dad” as he’s been frivolously trying to produce a son. I don’t think he was exactly thrilled about having a third daughter. Just look at his reaction.

After contemplating if his genetics were sus, he finally got the winning combination on the fourth try.

After trying so hard for a son in the first place, you think he would want to be there for the birth. To see your nut come out as a whole human being must be powerful. So to give that up to play in three meaninglessness games just screams “not a family man.” 

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I think I might side with the white moms on this one. Our athletes need to teach our kids good morals. It starts by rewarding the players who are good family guys — you know the Peter Griffins of the world. Yes they may mess up, but after a 22 minute episode, they learn their lesson and apologize. 

Hayward should apologize to his wife Robyn for making her give birth alone. We all know it takes two to tango and Hayward should have been there.    

If Hayward can look himself in the eyes and be okay with missing his son’s birth, that’s one thing. Hayward now has to look in his son’s eyes and know that he chose the playoffs over his son.    

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