Hey Baseball, Where’s the Champagne?

Leave the Oakley snowboarding goggles at home. The MLB did not allow champagne celebrations in this year’s postseason. It’s a damn shame.

First off, congratulations to the L.A. Dodgers on an incredible season and for winning the 2020 World Series, but where’s the booze? Due to COVID-19, Major League Baseball banned celebrations with alcohol. According to a later report from the New York Times, drinking was allowed, but no spraying, so really, what’s the point? How can you win the World Series without burning your eyes from champagne? That’s mandatory. Win the World Series, you get blasted with champagne.

Celebrating and COVID-19 don’t go hand-in-hand, but the season is over. If a player wants to risk his health and celebrate with his team after the MLB forced him in a bubble for a month, he should be able to. These guys just risked their health for 3 months and, in doing so, made the MLB a bunch of money. The least Rob Manfred and his group of clowns can do is let the Dodgers celebrate in style. 

I would make the argument that the Dodgers should be allowed to celebrate because the players are all tested for COVID-19 prior to the games. However, I don’t know if that’s entirely true. Dodgers 3rd baseman Justin Turner played 7 innings of game 6 Tuesday night before learning he tested positive for the virus. The team then immediately pulled him from the game. After the Dodgers victory, Turner was back on the field celebrating with his teammates, potentially spreading the virus. But, that’s a story for a different blog post.

Either way, the Dodgers need a proper celebration. This team sniffed the World Series in 2017 and 2018. They’ve been the best team in their division for the past 8 years and the best team in the National League for the last 5. The Dodgers finally win a World Series, and they can’t even celebrate properly. Clayton Kershaw deserves a goddamn champagne shower. 

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Guys like Kershaw, Corey Seager, Justin Turner, Cody Bellinger, Joc Pederson, Julio Urias and Kenley Jansen especially deserve a proper celebration, after being with this team through the highs and the lows. People have called them choke artists and many baseball fans wrote them off as frauds, but they’ve finally captured the holy grail of baseball. It’s sad that there was no champagne shower, but at least the MLB made it through the season. These last few months provided baseball fans across the country with some much needed entertainment. 

Rob Manfred and Major League Baseball can only control so much. So, I hope the Dodgers popped some bottles as soon as they exited Globe Life Field Tuesday night.

Dodgers outfielder Cody Bellinger was definitely ready for a champagne shower. After the game Bellinger told Fox Sports, “we’re gonna pop some champagne, I don’t even know if we’re allowed to, but we’re not leaving here without champagne.”

If the MLB allows you to? Cody, you just won the World Series. You can do whatever the fuck you want.

Telling players to leave the goggles at home because there’s no champagne shower is another reason why Rob Manfred is terrible at his job. The MLB commissioner should have followed the NBA’s lead and allowed their players to properly celebrate. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver laid out the ground work for all commissioners to follow. Create a bubble, constantly test for COVID-19, allow limited spectators and finish with a champagne shower. The players sacrificed a lot to make it through the season. Now the league should reward them with the sparkling wine.

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In all reality though, what a series! It felt like it was Randy Arozarena versus the world, but the Dodgers proved they were the better team. After 8 division titles without a ring, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts finally got it done. Mookie Betts proved to be the missing piece, Kershaw finally got his ring and now Dodgers fans can celebrate a World Series title for the first time since 1988.

COVID-19 went too far in getting the champagne shower celebration cancelled, but at least we got baseball. I missed seeing players gear up with goggles in preparation for the champagne shower. But, lets be real, it happened. Even if cameras weren’t around to capture it. Congrats L.A.! Enjoy the champagne induced eye burn, there’s nothing quite like it in sports. 

A.Scott, Deputy Editor for The Challenge. Lifelong Jets, Mets, Nuggets and Flyers fan still looking to celebrate his first pro sports championship. Retired degenerate sports gambler who likes to come out of retirement. Learned how to count cards at the age of 18, but has yet to put the skill to good use. Primarily writes about the MLB, but will dip his toes into the NFL, NBA, college basketball and UFC. When I’m not writing for The Challenge or for a local news station in Syracuse, you can catch me either on the golf course or pounding brews with bros. “Don’t worry, be happy!” R.I.P. Mac Miller

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