Is J. Cole ready for the NBA?

Rap star  J. Cole believes that he has the chance to play at the NBA level. Rumors have been floating around about the possibility of him training to get an actual NBA contract. He wouldn’t be the first rapper turned NBA player as Master P already holds that title. 

Recently released articles state that Cole is utilizing the advice given from Master P to make his dream into a reality. Cole did play intramural ball while at St. John’s University and had a great high school career. Coaches, and peers admired his passion for the game and his sense of respectfulness wherever he was at. 

Now, let’s get to the realistic nature of Cole’s mission to sign an NBA contract, because the modern NBA is definitely not a walk in the park. Guys are more athletic than ever, taller than ever and can shoot from farther than ever. The NBA consists of athletic freaks. Some are 7-footers shooting threes like Dallas Mavericks forward Kristaps Porzingis. You also have point guards that shatter ankles with insane handles like they have the ball on a string like Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets. 

The amount of talent you must have to make the NBA is something that a lot of people can only dream of. Every year only a select top tier players are selected in the draft, but also there are players that sign contracts after the draft that actually end up becoming pretty great players.

I admire Cole for attempting to carry out a dream of his but there is a very slim chance a team signs him. I would imagine that in a certain scenario a below average team will sign him because of his popularity within pop culture. The Detroit Pistons offered a tryout to Cole publicly on Twitter. 

No offense to Cole and other rappers that are trying to make the NBA, but there are better and more talented players out there. There are 16-17 year olds in high school that are better than Cole right now. Taking a break from a sport for a long period of time makes it increasingly tough to jump back in.

 I do wish Cole the best of luck and if he does make a team, just know that there will be a select group of hoopers that never got their shot. 

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