Jack Doyle is Going to Rule the Season

Colts at Redskins . PHOTO CREDIT: Keith Allison//Flickr

So you’re telling me Philip Rivers’s number one tight-end is basically free this year? Jack Doyle has a late 14th round ADP. He might actually be riding the free agent wire prior to the start of the season. If you waited on tight end like most people, finding a sleeper TE has to be one of your priorities. Doyle’s case for filling your void at the position seems to make too much sense. 

First off, Rivers LOVES throwing to the tight end position. From 2014-19, Rivers has targeted his tight ends an NFL-high 36.3 percent of the time. That explains why Antonio Gates and Hunter Henry put up monster numbers with Rivers at the helm. It’s also worth noting that Rivers has been favoring his tight ends during Colts training camp, and could be a noticeable glimpse of the future.  

Colts head coach Frank Reich is very familiar with Rivers, he was actually his offensive coordinator from 2014-15. During those years, the elderly Gates was a focal point of the offense, securing a whopping 12 TDs in 2014. 

This wasn’t just a coincidence. Reich’s tenure in Philly as offensive coordinator saw shockingly similar results. His offense ran through Pro-Bowler Zach Ertz, as he totaled over 150 catches, 1,600 yards and 12 TDs over the two season stretch. 

Reich’s love for the position continued once he accepted the Colts head coaching position. He miraculously turned Eric Ebron, who was known for having brick hands, into a Pro-Bowler. He legit went from being a bust in Detroit to breaking a Colts tight end record by hauling in 13 TDs. 

Rivers and Reich are perfect for each other. While Reich’s pull-out game might not be as bad as Rivers, they can still bond over their love for the tight end position. 

Doyle will surely benefit from this Rivers/Reich relationship as their tight end one this season. The versatile Doyle is set to see the majority of the position’s target share now that Ebron has been banned from Indianapolis. During Doyle’s last season as the primary passing option in 2017, he caught 80 balls for around 700 yards. This shows us that Doyle will have no problem fitting in with Rivers and Reich.

Scoop him up if you can, because there is a good chance that O’Doyle will rule again.  

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