Lawrence or Darnold? The Jets Face Major Decision

Sammy Deada**
The Jets are facing a tough decision: do they tank for Trevor or stick with the King oF New York, Sam Darnold?

Oh Jets fans, it’s going to be another rough year. The team looks like its headed for the first overall pick in the upcoming draft. So, what’s the plan for the Jets? Do they keep Sam Darnold and trade away the first pick for a huge haul? Or do they draft Trevor Lawrence and trade away what was once the team’s franchise quarterback? 

Fans seem to think taking Lawrence is the smart move. But that’s typical of Jets fans. They’re used to everything blowing up after three years, just to be back in the same situation three years later.

The first thing the Jets need to do is fire Adam Gase. In order for any of these scenarios to work, Gase must be fired. Putting either Darnold or Lawrence in the hands of a fraud will only hurt their development. 16 games with Gase as the head coach will hurt any quarterback.

Keeping Darnold would show that the organization believes in the guy who is already in the building. Darnold hasn’t lived up to the hype, but he is in one of the worst situations for a young QB. 

His line was in the league’s bottom 10, ranking 26th and 28th for his first two seasons. He also had subpar playmakers in 2018 and 2019. The draft picks from trading the first overall could finally allow the Jets to put a team around Darnold.

The Jets as of right now have a decent offensive line; they are giving Darnold enough time in the pocket to make throws. But when you’re throwing to nobody wide receivers, it’s hard to move the ball down the field. It also doesn’t help that the play calling has been horrendous through two games.

Putting Trevor Lawrence in this same situation does not make the Jets better. If Joe Douglas believes Sam Darnold is not the answer, he must draft Lawrence. He can then trade Darnold for assets that would help Lawrence tap into his potential. 

Drafting Lawrence is a risk however; no one knows how good he can be. In three years, it could turn out that Lawrence is not the answer and you’re looking for a new QB. You can’t move on from your QB just because a slightly newer one is available. 

How many times have we heard a certain QB is a “generational” talent? At least once every two years, a new hot QB comes out of college every year. 

The Jets can wait and see what they have in Darnold.The team traded up for this guy. You can’t move on after just three seasons.

Giving Darnold the time to show you he’s the guy is key. You don’t want to trade him just to see him win six Super Bowls with someone else. They already made that mistake with Bill Belichick

The organization needs to give Darnold a better chance to show that he’s the guy. Build the team around him with the picks you got from the Jamal Adams trade and whatever you get from trading the first pick. They should see what Darnold can do with a real team around him. And if he’s trash, you’ll have a strong base for the next “generational” talent you select.

PSA to Jets fans RELAX BROS 



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