LeBaby James is Back at it Again

LeBron James Bradley Beal
LeBron James (right) backing down Bradley Beal. (PHOTO CREDIT: All-Pro Reels, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons)

With each passing day, the world is reminded why LeBron James will always play second fiddle to Michael Jordan. But after his tantrum Tuesday night, he probably shouldn’t even be in the same orchestra as the GOAT.

Down 30 points with almost six minutes left in Game 5 against the Suns, LeBitchboy James walked off the bench back to the locker room to sulk. The Lakers surrendered a pivotal third win in the series to the Suns. 

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For all you Bronsexuals out there, please explain to me why the best player to ever grace the hardwood should be leaving his team in the middle of a tied series.

If LeButtsack was actually as good as you all claim he is, then he should have stayed in. LeBron should have put the team on his back and carried them to the greatest comeback since Ray J and Kim Kardashian. Instead, he slinked away in full view of the world. He probably went back to try to reread the first page of whatever book he’s struggling through now. 

To be the Greatest of All Time requires far more than pure skill and a body sculpted by Zeus himself. You need mental toughness to be the greatest. Unfortunately, LeBabybackbitch James simply doesn’t have it. Instead, he gives up on his team, fakes an injury until the cameras can’t see him (then runs back into the frame to wince and wail for a national audience), and has left any team that wasn’t successful enough for him. Instead of staring down a potential championship, the Suns could bounce his team in the first round. Jordan never dealt with that.

All you hoop heads can debate who the GOAT is for years to come. But if I hear one more person advocate for LeBarf James, I’m gonna yack.

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