Leonard Fournette Is A Legacy Changer

Leonard Fournette should be happy that he doesn’t have to play for the Jaguars this season. Sure, it sucks getting fired when you’re at the top of your game. I was in the same situation when I got fired from Best Buy. Some organizations just don’t know how to appreciate real talent.

Fournette should take his talents to New England. Bill Belichick is trying to show he can win without Tom Brady. Fournette could be a key piece for the first championship with Brady not at the helm.

The Pats would appreciate the talent Fournette brings as their running back room is not strong. They have not had a 1,000 yard rusher since LeGarrette Blount did it back in 2016. Sony Michel wasn’t able to produce a 1,000 yard season while having the 10th best offensive line, while also having the 9th most rushing attempts.

Michel hasn’t taken advantage of the opportunities the Pats have given him. Fournette, on the other hand, has with his opportunities. Last year, Fournette ran behind the 26th ranked o-line and ranked 7th for most attempts. 

He was in a worse situation than Michel was and still produced 1,152 yards, 3 touchdowns and averaged 4.3 yards per carry. If he gets to run behind the Pats’ line, he could possibly have over 1,300 yards and 10 touchdowns.

Belichick sent a message when he brought in Lamar Miller this offseason. He wants to get better running back play as he no longer has Tom Brady to fall back on. The team should be looking to run the ball more this year. But Michel’s 3.7 yard per carry won’t be what this team needs. 

Fournette showed us last year that he can actually catch the ball out of the back field. He exploded for 76 receptions and 522 yards, he would have ranked second behind James White if he was on the Pats. Fournette was a big part of the passing, unlike Michel who has caught 19 passes since entering the league in 2018.   

Fournette is a clear upgrade over Michel and needs to be on the Pats roster for Week One. He should be good with a two-year deal worth $10 million. This gives Fournette a place to play in 2020 and show why a team should invest in him. 

This also gives the Pats an opportunity at a stud RB on the low for two seasons. Fournette will hit the market again at 26, giving him the opportunity to cash in after showing he can be a valuable asset to any team. If the Patriots paired him up with Cam Newton, the former Carolina could flourish in New England. In 2015 when Newton was the MVP, Jonathan Stewart — who only played in 13 games — rushed for 989 yards

This move won’t make the Pats a Super Bowl team this year, but I do believe this could make them a playoff team. They could even take the division if the Bills don’t live up to the hype. But if Fournette and Cam Newton come back for a second year alongside all the players that opted-out, this team should be an early Super Bowl favorite in 2021.

 Billy you need to make this move. It could save your legacy from being tied to Tom Brady’s arm. 



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