Marcus Morris Is Actually “That Guy”

Marcus Morris styled as Pinocchio
Marcus Morris is really THAT guy. Real life Pinocchio.

Seriously, who hurt Marcus Morris? Is all of that built up testosterone in the bubble really affecting him that much?

Morris initially found himself in negative light when he blatantly targeted Luka Doncic’s fucked up ankle. He then proceeded to deny that it was intentional, and explained that he has too much respect for himself and the players around him to be a dirty player. 

Keep in mind that Marcus Morris became a meme earlier THIS SEASON when he bopped an opposing player in the face with a basketball. He also kneed Ben Simmons in the head for seemingly no reason. 

Four days after dismissing the “dirty player” claims, Morris targeted Doncic AGAIN.

Morris is seriously that guy that steals your wallet and then helps you look for it. How can one person be this much of an asshole? Would anyone actually be surprised if we found out he punches babies in his free time?

To everyone’s surprise, it took more than four days for Marcus Morris to do more hoodrat shit. 


The next incident happened in Game 5 of the Clippers-Nuggets series. With a commanding 16-point lead right before halftime, Morris felt the need to elbow Paul Millsap in the face underneath the basket. 

Coincidently, the Nuggets woke up from their 3-1 series slumber after the elbow to the chin. They ended up rallying back in the second half to take Game 5. And then they upset the Clippers once more in their next contest to force Game 7. 

Morris’ antics are a bad look for the Clippers organization. They show a clear lack of respect for himself and the players around him. 

Even if the Clippers win the championship this season, don’t be surprised when they elect to move on from him in the offseason. 

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