For McVay’s Rams, Less is More

Rams head coach Sean McVay
Rams head coach Sean McVay at a joint practice with the Raiders in 2019. PHOTO CREDIT: The 621st Contingency Response Wing//Flickr

After nearly starting the table purge in Buffalo on Sunday, one thing is for certain: the Rams are for real. 

Many people, including myself, were caught off guard when L.A. started to succeed in this young NFL season. 

After all, we all thought L.A. was going to fail after its underwhelming 2019 season. With limited cap space to retool, no draft capital and a bunch of horrific contracts, it seemed impossible for the Rams to claw out of the mess their win-thirsty general management created. 

The Rams, however, responded and cut ties with SEVEN defensive starters over the offseason. They also fired Super-Bowl champion defensive coordinator, Wade Phillips. 

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They then shocked the world and got rid of the infamous Todd Gurley contract. On top of that, the team also traded away Jared Goff’s field stretcher Brandin Cooks

But little did we know, Sean McVay would turn water into wine. 

He managed to turn a pair of no-name running backs in Darrell Henderson and Malcolm Brown into one of the league’s most formidable running back committees. The Rams have accumulated a whopping 511 rushing yards and 6 rushing touchdowns in only three games!

This success in the running game has allowed the team to return to what made the Rams prolific in years past: play action passing. Jared Goff currently leads the league in percentage of dropbacks that feature play action with 48 percent. 

With a balanced offensive attack, McVay is now able to open up his offense again. And it should come to no surprise that his team currently stands at third in the league in total offense

The Rams are 2-1. They could still have been undefeated but future NFL MVP Josh Allen had other plans. He decided that he would spoil their ridiculous 28-3 comeback last Sunday.

If this string of performances is a sign of things to come, the Rams should be able to make some serious noise this season. Just hand McVay the keys to Los Angeles already. 

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