Mookie Betts is Worth Every Penny

Mookie Lynn Betts MLB

The L.A. Dodgers PAID Mookie Betts this past offseason to the tune of $365 million, and he’s worth every penny. 

In game 7 of the NLCS, with his team trailing by 1, Mookie Betts made robbing a home run look easy. NL MVP candidate Freddie Freeman hit an absolute moonshot to right field. Betts, however, jogged back to the wall, leaped up like the ball was a 400-foot alley-oop pass, and made the grab over the fence. The catch saved the Dodgers a run and Betts made it look easy.

The Dodgers ultimately won the game 4-3 to advance to the World Series, making that home run robbery even more critical.

Betts simply does everything on a baseball diamond: hits for average, hits for power, plays defense, steals bases, the list goes on. The game 7 NLCS home run robbery was just the icing on the cake.

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After winning the N.L. Pennant 2 of the past 3 years, but with no World Series ring to show for it, the Dodgers needed a boost. Enter Mookie Betts. The 28-year-old finished the shortened regular season with a .292 batting average, 16 home runs and 10 stolen bases. Moving into the postseason, Betts has only continued that success. This October, Betts is hitting .311. On top of that, he’s 5-for-12 since the Dodgers went down 3-1 to the Braves. 

At the top of the order, Betts is the perfect firecracker to kickstart an offense. The Dodgers signed him for 12 years right in the prime of his career. The superstar outfielder could be in line for his 5th consecutive Gold Glove, and last night’s catch sealed that. Mookie is worth every penny, and even if the price tag was $365 million, it’s worth it. But, how do you let this guy walk if you’re the Boston Red Sox?

The Dodgers needed the presence of a guy who’s “been there done that.” Betts got his first ring in Boston and is now looking to end the 31-year World Series draught in Los Angeles. A great addition to the Dodgers lineup is an understatement. At just 28 years old, Betts brings the the sense of leadership the Dodgers needed come playoff time.

Everyone always just gives Mike Trout the badge for being baseball’s best, but Mookie Lynn Betts needs to be in that conversation, after all his initials are M.L.B.

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Mookie Betts’ home run robbery reminded me of another clutch run-saving snag. Endy Chavez for the New York Mets robbed Scott Rolen of the St. Louis Cardinals in game 7 of the 2006 NLCS. Oh, and he also turned a double play. The Mets sadly lost the game, but it still remains as the greatest play I’ve seen in MLB history.


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