“Out.Work.Everyone.” What is Christian Cage’s Value to AEW?

With a highly decorated background in both singles and tag team competition, Christian Cage is no stranger to the wrestling business. Throughout his career in the ring, Cage has managed 22 championship wins between the two major promotions he has wrestled for, WWE and TNA. Nine of the championships were tag team runs in the then World Wrestling Federation. Six of Cage’s championships were heavyweight title wins split evenly between ECW, NWA and WWE. To say he isn’t a future Hall-of-Famer would be a criminal act in itself. 

Although Christian Cage had an extremely successful run in TNA, which began in 2005, he could never quite shake the “WWE guy” image. Arguably though, he had his best singles matches in TNA. TNA provided Cage with the proper platform to showcase his in-ring skills and he did not disappoint. After re-signing with WWE in late 2008, Cage would go on to win the ECW championship and “Big Gold” twice. This made it all the more surprising when he showed up in AEW only a couple months after appearing in the Royal Rumble that his storyline brother, Edge, would go on to win. 

Cage first appeared on the AEW scene during the Revolution pay-per-view in the beginning of March. He was introduced by his Longtime colleague Paul Wight, a.k.a. The Big Show.

Earlier in the week on Dynamite, Wight announced he had signed a very special, Hall-of-Fame worthy talent. Once that announcement was made, speculation ran wild with ideas on who the signee might be. 

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Lita, Kurt Angle, CM Punk and even Brock Lesnar were some of the names I heard thrown into the mix. I personally thought it might be Bully Ray, but was pleasantly surprised when Christian Cage walked out onto the ramp. Christian’s always been one hell of a worker and has always managed to stay somewhat relevant in an ever-changing business. Certainly not to the extent of Chris Jericho, but an admirable effort nonetheless. 

He hopes to take this mindset of being a great worker, and at the same time give back to the business for there to still be a business. A very important trait that only the most recognized and respected names like Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard and Shawn Michaels have exuded. As stated earlier, for the business to go on, there has to be a business to pass on. At AEW, Cage is trying to pass on his knowledge and follow in the footsteps of other wrestling legends.

The up and coming AEW generation is no different. With the knowledge and experience Cage has to offer, it could potentially reshape a young talent’s career, forever making them a household name. 

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AEW struggled at first to maintain a storyline for their younger and less-known talent, but the Promotion has since greatly improved and continues to build stars such as Brian Cage, Darby Allin, MJF, Thunder Rosa, Britt Baker and many others. While we’ve seen Christian talking with a few scattered young talent backstage, it is still unclear who he will take under his wing. We’ve seen similar mentorships before with Sting and Darby Allin. 

No matter who Cage decides to bring under his wing, one thing’s for certain, Christian is out for Kenny Omega. Cage has singled out Omega and the AEW World Heavyweight Title from the beginning. Their first encounter saw Cage pick up the world title and take a good long stare after The Best Bout Machine was driven from the ring. 

Many were skeptical with Christian going right after the heavyweight championship. Christian acknowledged our fears, and said that he understands he has to earn the right to fight Omega. Much of this is supported by the win-loss stats that AEW keeps diligent track of. While it may be some time before the two powerhouses collide, it’ll be fantastic to see Captain Charisma in the squared circle once again. 

Christian’s first match in AEW will take place on March 31 against his former TNA rival Frankie Kazarian. I never thought we would see Christian dive back into his Total Nonstop Action roots. However, All Elite Wrestling continues to impress and outwit even the most devoted fan. Be sure to tune in for the highly-anticipated match on Dynamite. This truly is history unfolding before our very eyes.

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