Randy Arozarena Deserves a Ring No Matter What Happens in the World Series

Randy Arozarena
Randy Arozarena of the Rays against the Nationals in Sept. 2020. PHOTO CREDIT: All-Pro Reels//Flickr

Rays outfielder/designated hitter Randy Arozarena has now passed Barry Bonds, Reggie Jackson, Carlos Beltran and anyone who has ever picked up a baseball bat, to hit the most home runs in a single postseason. On top of that, Arozarena is now the all time hits leader in the postseason after a single in game 5. Arozarena is making some of baseball’s best look like minor leaguers. Rob Manfred needs to give this man a ring no matter what happens just for his legendary performance.

People forget, Randy is carrying Tampa Bay to the World Series in his rookie year. Yea, this kid is a rookie. He only had 23 plate appearances with St. Louis last season, not enough to qualify as a rookie, and he’s burst onto the scene like never before. Taking down records and leading the Rays to their 2nd World Series in franchise history isn’t a bad first notch on the resume for Arozarena.

In a game filled with unlikely heroes, Randy Arozarena is just the latest name to be etched into the record books. Randy didn’t start the shortened season because of COVID-19, and was virtually unknown. The 25-year-old was the 17th ranked prospect within the Rays organization, and has instantly become their savior.

After hitting .281 with 7 homers in 23 games, the rookie was thrust into the middle of the Rays lineup for October, and he has delivered. In 19 games this postseason, Arozarena is hitting .370 with 9 home runs, 13 RBI and 18 runs scored. Tampa Bay has a legit star at the plate for the first time since Evan Longoria. 

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The Rays in the World Series? I would have said “no shot” at the beginning of the season. But, thanks to Randy, here they are. People care about the Rays and he’s made it exciting for all to see. Arozarena led Tampa Bay in taking down the Yankees in 5, hitting 3 taters in the first 3 games. Then, the Rays rookie made baseball fans across the country smile when he hit a 2-run homer in game 7 against the cheaters of Houston. His success has continued into the World Series where he’s hitting .333 with 2 homers through 5 games. 

He’s put on a show. Araozarena deserves a ring simply because of the ratings boost he’s provided the MLB with this postseason. Winning with style.

I’m just happy Mr. Arozarena is on my dynasty MLB fantasy team; yes, those exist. Also, shoutout to Brett Phillips, the other player dancing in the video above, for extending the World Series with his walk-off single in game 4.

Also peep who scored the winning run in game 4. None other than ya boy Randy Arozarena. He’s the heart and soul of the Tampa Bay offense.

Arozarena has carried the Rays offensively past the Yanks and the ‘Stros. He’s set records. What’s next? Can he complete the trifecta and take down L.A. in the World Series? I don’t think so, but with Randy, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! 

A 25-year-old rookie leading the Rays to the World Series, who would of thought? That’s what makes baseball great.

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