Revolution Doesn’t End with a Bang

AEW's Jon Moxley with New Japan Pro Wrestling in 2019 (Photo credit: Hirooki Mori/Flickr via CC BY 2.0)

All Elite Wrestling’s Revolution pay-per-view was an all around success. Great matches and the culmination of storylines took centerstage. As good as the entire card was, the ending of the main event match between Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega in a Barbed Wire Death Match left the experience feeling a little tainted.

The Omega-Moxley feud has played host to some of the most barbaric, yet athletically sound matches in AEW history. The Death Match at Revolution was no different until we got to the ending. I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised that The Good Brothers interrupted the match. Omega got another cheap victory over Moxley, but trust me it gets worse.

Two Dynamites prior, we had seen Omega, Don Callis and The Good Brothers constructing what they referred to as the “Moxley Extermination Chamber.” Naturally, we knew they would be attempting to take Moxley out for good. So, after a beat down from Gallows and Anderson, they left the ring. A timer started before the “extermination chamber” bomb went off and destroyed Moxley. According to death match rules, after 30 minutes of combat, all the bombs in the vicinity would explode.

I had no idea how big this thing was going to be. Yes, I knew this wasn’t going to be a legit bomb. But, I was curious to see how they were going to pull this off.

As the timer got closer and closer to 0, Moxley’s friend and old drinking buddy Eddie Kingston came out. Kingston dove on top of Mox to save his longtime friend. As the clock hit zero, everyone stood on edge. Unfortunately, it was a big let down. We got some Fourth of July sparkler-like action coming from the top of the ring posts. At least there were some small explosions from the landmines outside of the ring. Both Mox and Kingston were unharmed, obviously. I looked at my father in disbelief. AEW just robbed us of the first big storyline payoff of the year.

What made it even worse was that Kingston sold the absolute hell out of his performance and laid passed out on Mox! I couldn’t believe what had just happened, and I mean that literally. I wasn’t sure how they could come back from this in a positive way, let alone in that week’s Dynamite.

Social media being what it is these days, I was scared to see the responses after the huge disappointment. To my surprise, the crowd was split 50/50. A good majority said it was intentional and never meant to be like an air raid had just gone off. The other side absolutely trashed Kingston and AEW. Most of the comments said they bit off more they could chew on this one. Perhaps that was so, a certain someone wasn’t going to let this go unanswered.

 As I read more into the incident, I knew Eddie Kingston was going to give the promo of his life on the upcoming Dynamite. If anybody could salvage this intentional/unintentional shit show, it’s most certainly Eddie. 

So, Wednesday rolled around and low and behold Mox and Eddie were enjoying some cocktails over an indoor fire. Kingston cut one hell of a promo. He blamed his fainting incident at Revolution on a panic attack like the one he had when he almost was taken to Rikers Island prison. Mox and Kingston proceeded to have some very enjoyable back and forth banter and I even found myself smiling and loving the pair’s chemistry. They even pinned the blame of the lack of an explosion on Impact Wrestling. The two called the promotion “cheap.” That hit home for Omega as he doesn’t like being downgraded from his self-proclaimed throne.

Later on, we heard some dialogue from Kenny and his faction of goons. They backed up a story that they never intended for a real bomb to go off, just a mock imitation one. Their goal was simply to embarrass Jon Moxley. But, we all know Mox doesn’t give two flying fucks about being embarrassed so I struggled to buy into this. It also makes me think the promotion really planned on having a larger, more theatrical explosion to compliment its brutal match at Revolution. 

One thing is for sure, Mox and Omega are nowhere near over. Kingston and Moxley will get their first show of revenge when they team up to take on The Good Brothers — who just lost their tag team titles at Impact’s Sacrifice pay-per view back on March 12. This will make for an interesting addition to the storyline as Omega may not take kindly to losers in his ranks. 

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