Roger Goodell needs to ban Derrick Henry from the NFL

Towards the end of the 1 p.m. games on Sunday, my fantasy team looked like it was on its way to another hard fought W. That was until Derrick Henry happened.

Seriously, it’s not fair that a man built like a transformer can run up to 21.6 mph like he did on that 94 yard touchdown. Standing at a massive 247 pounds, tackling him while he’s running at full speed would be equivalent to jumping in front of a moving car. If Roger Goodell really cares about the safety of his athletes, he should ban Derrick Henry before someone dies. 

Not only did Henry total 264 yards on Sunday, he also scored the game winning touchdown in OT. Check this play out. Everybody and their mother knew what was going to happen, but there is simply nothing you can do once he gets a head of steam. 

King Henry is now on pace for more than 2,000 total yards and 19 touchdowns. And his case for being the league’s best RB grows each week. 

He has rushed for 100 or more yards in 10 of his last 14 games. Also, he is the focal point of the high-powered Titans offense. 

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Ryan Tannehill can credit Henry for the massive $118 million extension he signed in the offseason, as his success is directly tied in with King Henry’s dominance. 

Last season, Tannehill was the league’s top QB when utilizing play-action. He posted a ridiculous 140.6 rating in said situations.

Little has changed in the young 2020 season. The Titans are fourth in the league in play-action passes, and Tannehill continues to eat up opposing defenses. He finds himself in early MVP talks as he leads one of the last remaining undefeated teams to glory. 

One thing is for certain, none of this would be possible without Henry. Tannehill might get all of the credit at the end of the day, but Henry is the team’s real MVP. The Titans’ success starts and ends with him, and they will look to ride him to the promised land. 

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