Rosen was Supposed to be the Chosen One

As the “Hebrew Hammer,” I am obviously a follower of Judaism. As a devout football fan, it’s sad to see a fellow Jew like Josh Rosen get continuously passed on from team to team. It’s like he is some semi-decent looking sorority girl at a DIII college. 

Us Jews have been patiently waiting for three things: the Messiah, a Jewish president and, more importantly, a great Jewish quarterback. 

However, the extremely short list of NFL QBs of Jewish descent is very discouraging. After all, Jay Felder was the last Jewish quarterback to regularly start in the NFL all the way back in 2004. 

But, I was ecstatic to learn Rosen was entering the NFL Draft in 2018. There was a lot of hype surrounding him. The Browns were allegedly thinking about drafting Rosen first overall. 

He came off as intelligent and calculated in his interviews. Those characteristics and his poise reminded me of Aaron Rodgers. It seemed to me that he was the full package. I was ALL IN. 

I ignored all of the criticism he was getting from draft scouts. How could someone be too book smart to play the position? What the hell does that even mean? Too outspoken? Shouldn’t the leader of a team be able to speak his mind? 

Fuck the haters, this is the man we have been waiting for. 

“Chosen Rosen! Chosen Rosen!” I yelled after Cards drafted him. He’ll prove all of you wrong!

Well… He ended up doing everything but that. 

Rosen was absolutely horrible on the Cardinals. However, the Cards handed him one of the worst situations that any rookie QB has seen in recent memory. For instance, the line was horrendous, his weapons were limited and David Johnson was a shell of himself. Don’t even get me started on the defense

The Cards dealt him away to the Dolphins the following offseason. But, it never really felt like the Dolphins had any future plans in store for him. He started only three games for the Phins. They would bench Rosen for journeyman Ryan Fitzmagic for the rest of the Dolphins’ mediocre season. 

In wake of the Dolphins cutting Rosen, I can’t help but feel some sort of way. 

However, I haven’t lost faith just yet.

Get this man to a team with a situation that will actually benefit him. Don’t just throw him out there to wolves with a JV team and expect him to flourish. He needs a team that will believe in him like the entire population of Jews do. Allow him to develop as an NFL passer and use his “book smarts” to his advantage. 

The world’s stacked against Josh Rosen. But I firmly believe he will eventually pull through. The Chosen One will resurrect himself and give us what was promised.

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