Sean Picks the NFL Season: East Divisions

Sean Picks the NFL's East divisions
Sean Marshield brings you his picks for the NFL season.
TeamsVegas +/-PredictionReason why
AFC East
Miami 850610-6There’s always hope
NY Jets 85074-12Gase bugs out
Buffalo 12099-7Allen isn’t Kelly
New England 13098-8Players on vacation
NFC East
NY Giants 10006.53-13Danny No Dimes
Dallas -1201010-6 maybe 11Dak under pressure
Philly 1309.59-7Wentz avoids Hurts
Washington 22005.54-12Nameless and talentless

Let’s take a look at 8 underwhelming teams that all have the “pleasure” of playing against the NFC West this year. The NFL obviously requires at least two of these play in the postseason. But, I don’t see any of these teams making a huge push to the Big Game. 

Miami at +850 to win the division could be a long term sneaky good bet. The Dolphins (over), Jets (under) and Giants (under) all have the biggest separation to the Vegas lines. But buckle up and get ready for the East teams to underwhelm you.  

Yes, Dallas and Philly fans, I know you’re loud but focus on yelling at each other and let other NFL fans live in peace.

The NFL’s East Divisions


This race is a 2-horse race. Saquon Barkely can’t carry Danny Dimes all year. New York’s defense isn’t going to give him many extra possessions, either. 

The Washington Football Team is hoping this year is forgotten until they find a mascot. They do have some young talent but they and the Giants are outmatched. They also have to play through the NFC West this year.

The Eagles and Cowboys will battle. I have questions about Philly’s weapons outside of the obvious issue of Carson Wentz’s health.

Dallas has a great all-around roster. Dak Prescott is playing for his financial future; everyone in Dallas got paid except for him. My question is can he rise above all the pressure? Dallas’s success seems to be entirely on his shoulders.


Ok, let’s address what you have been disgusted with this whole time: the Dolphins. Listen, they aren’t great. But neither is this division. Every year, one team in the NFL always goes from worst to first. So why not them? They play hard, they have a good coach, young talent and a division that is up for grabs.

I know the Bills are the trendy and favorite pick, but Josh Allen just is not what people are expecting him to be. I think he stumbles on that next big step forward and puts the Bills back in their home of mediocrity. 

The Jets suck. In this division, could they sneak out some wins? Of course. The Jets don’t have their biggest X factor anymore. Their QB could not even avoid the teenage kissing disease. So he will probably have COVID-19 at some point. 

New England has not had less than 10 wins in an NFL season since 2003. That includes a season with Matt Cassel. I just don’t see any offensive weapons besides Cam Newton. Losing players after they opted out hurt the Patriots particularly hard. Maybe they saw a chance to have a break from No-Fun Belichick and take advantage of it for a year.

NFL Playoff Outlook based on Win-Loss predictions


Division Winners: Dallas, San Fran, Green Bay, New Orleans

Wild Cards: Seattle, Tampa Bay, Philly/Minnesota/Chicago


Division Winners: Miami, Kansas City, Baltimore, Indianapolis

Wild Card: Cleveland, Tennessee, Buffalo

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